September 4, 2008

2630 - Chis Sweet Home Chi ga Ouchi ni Yattekita (J)

ROM Code : 2630
Title : Chi's Sweet Home: Chi ga Ouchi ni Yatte Kita!
Game Region : 【Japan】 【English】
Released Group : Caravan
Translator Group : suruz
Rom Size : 256Mbit
Archive Name :
Here is the English Patch: (Complete 100%)
1. Download 【Chi_EngPatch_v1.rar】
2. Extract them
3. Run xDelta GUI.exe
4. Open the Patch: Chi_EngPatch_v1.xdelta
5. Open the ROM: cvn-csh.nds
6. Create an output filename
7. Apply Patch


  1. What's translated:
    - Most unlockable event scenes
    - Almost all items
    - All minigame names and descriptions
    - Almost all tutorials
    - All Event Names
    - All Chi's animation names

    What's NOT translated:
    - A few items, due to space constraints
    - Item descriptions (May add them in a future patch)
    - Unfortunately, all the graphics. (Since I have no idea how to extract the game's graphics.)
    (If anyone's interested in trying to extract the graphics, please go ahead?)

  2. I've tried 4 different emu's, 5 different roms of this game and your patch still doesn't work. :< I also tried a different computer and nothing's working. I also saw that other people had issues with this patch on other sites.

  3. I dont think so~

    I succeeded patch the ROM

    and got it 100% translated.

    I run this patched game with my R4 Original
    and DeSmuMe emulator.
    no problems occur.

  4. Yeah someone on gbatemp had the same issue.

    Anyway thanks for letting me know. I'm using the R4 Original and DeSuMe as well... Wonder why it's not working. I'll keep at it though,

    Thank you.

  5. hM~ i will give you the link of the PATCHED ROM if you want~

    one sec..