July 2, 2008

2420 - Nanashi No Game (J)

Rom Code : 2420
Title : Nanashi No Game
Game Region : 【Japan】 【English】
Released Group : iND
Translator Group : Nagato
Rom Size : 512Mbit
Archive Name : ind-nngj.rar
Here is the English Patch: (Complete 100%)
1. Download 【Nanashi_no_Game_ENG_v1.1.rar】
2. Extract them to a new folder
3. Copy the CLEAN ROM into the same folder
4. Click the patch.bat
5. It will create The_Nameless_Game.nds

1 comment:

  1. got me all excited when i saw the facebook notice about a translated japanese game coming out.. turns out its just a stupid horror game and not an rpg =( oh well. im sure the people who like those sort of things will be happy