August 14, 2009

4104 - Fossil Fighters (U)

ROM Code : 4104
Title : Fossil Fighters
Game Region : 【USA】
Released Group : VENOM
Rom Size : 1024Mbit
Archive Name :
Total Downloads : times
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】


  1. Hey Dicas
    I dunno its my card problem or else.
    When im going to clean the
    " Dark rock fossil " its auto froze.
    n im not using AR for tht.
    can u upload a clean rom for this?
    hope u reply back.

  2. no~ This is the CLEAN one ^^
    you know.. This site only serves the CLEAN one..

    IDK but i think you may re-create a new save game.. maybe corrupted save or something.

    CHECK the CRC
    in this site the CRC CODE is : 2E0FE91F

    and It is indeed CLEAN ROM
    check here:

    if you got freeze on game
    "Can be avoided by quickly tapping the screen to skip it. "

  3. Its not white blank froze.
    Something like a broken television channel.the image still there but the fossil doesnt show up at the cleaning place.n i dont think can be skip while cleaning.normal fossil can be clean with no problems.only the dark fossil giving me that froze problem. :(

  4. i was wondering , when i play this game , is it my ds or this game is totally slow