December 2, 2009

4513 - Cross Treasures (J)

ROM Code : 4513
Title : Cross Treasures
Game Region : 【Japan】 【English】
Released Group : 2CH
Translator Group : takashio
Rom Size : 512Mbit
Archive Name : 2ch-ct.rar
Here is the English Patch: (Dropped 25%)
1. Download 【Eng.Patch v0.1a】 and 【xDelta】
2. Extract them
3. Run xDelta GUI.exe
4. Open the Patch : 2ch-ct-unofficial01a.xdelta
5. Open the ROM: 2ch-ct.nds
6. Create an output filename
7. Apply patch


  1. -Location names: 100% (There's one or two things left in roumaji/romanji, but at least it's readable.)
    -Equipment bonus effects: 100%
    -Achievement medals: 100%
    -Misc common text: ??? (I refer to common text as things you often see such as talking to Yousei to swap out dungeons or forging and class changing. I think I've gotten most of them other than the dungeon entrance skill changer.)
    -Menu images: Barely anything, haha. If anyone knows how to read NCG/NCL files (Not NCGR/NCLR) then do tell.

  2. this game looks very entertaining. I would help but I don't have a clue how to do anything. thanks for your effort. I hope it finishes anxious hehee

  3. yup~ we are also waiting for the fan translation finished this project~

  4. any news on that?