December 3, 2007

1770 - Tales of Innocence (J)

ROM Code : 1770
Title : Tales of Innocence
Game Region : 【Japan】 【English】
Released Group : MAXG
Translator Group : Absolute Zero
Rom Size : 1024Mbit
Archive Name : maxg-toi.rar
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】
Here is the English Patch: (Complete 100%)
1. Download 【Tales of Innocence v1.0】
2. Extract them
3. Run xDelta GUI.exe
4. Change Filetypes to All Files. Open the Patch: toi.dat
5. Open the CLEAN ROM: maxg-toi.nds
6. Create an output filename
7. Apply Patch


  1. Can someone tell me why i cant get the Regnum Cavern cutscene in this game? I tried both the Eng patch and no patch..but still the same..Help me plz

  2. BAD dumped ROMS maybe?
    where did you download the CLEAN ROM??

    I didn't find any freeze or lagging on most cutscene in this game

  3. I download at here.And also using tht patch.It only no trigger cutscene at Regnum City after getting tht Holy Maiden + sleep at Naos City.When i search at Gamefaqs forum for walkthrough,they said it will trigger scene at eastern part of the town.I already go there and nothing happen.I hope u can help.

  4. oooo.. you meant the story cutscene.. i c i c..

    I thought you asked about the ROM problem...

    wait a min.. i want to check my sav games for this game first ^^

  5. maybe this one could help you

    I'm also curious about the Versus style. I'm hearing about all of these other people getting it at the same place (sleeping at an inn after the Regnum Cavern boss battle), and I'm at that point and still haven't gotten it. Can anyone clue me in on what I need to be doing to get it?

    I think it's determined by the you're styles level because after I had got everyone to at least level 15 for one style, that's when I got the Versus style! I'm not entirely sure though

    To get Innocent Style you must...
    1. Have 3 Styles at Level 15 for a character
    2. Have all 6 party members
    3. Sleep at an Inn


  6. some said a skit about versus style popped up after sleep at inn

  7. I get all of the skit before backtrack to Regnum City.But only the " sleep at an Inn " i dont do it.Bcoz i read at Gamefags none saying bout stay at an Inn.Maybe i will try later bcoz i already delete the game. :(
    Thanx for the help.

  8. what! you did~
    but you didn't delete the .sav file, right?

  9. Sorry for the late comment.
    Yeah .sav also i delete n now already near the Regnum Cavern quest.Later i tell if it still do not show the cutscene.

  10. Damn it seem i still cant trigger the Regnum Cavern quest... :(
    I think i need your help bout this.
    I give my .sav at here then.

  11. Ok. I have loaded your sav. and I already solved the problem.

    you can use this guide.

  12. Whaaa?
    How come i dont get the fourth scene at Hartman house??
    This is really weird..
    U think its bcoz the cheat on?

  13. Owh sorry for double the post Dicas..
    Anyway thanx for the help and also i get the scene now.."altho need to backtrack to Naos City back..
    Haha u r really2 helpful!!
    Hm can i know u using what DS?
    Lite or DSi?

  14. heheh.. dOn't mention it ^^

    DS Lite Black..

    yeah.. I love the lite version.. it's easier to carry ^^ fit in the both of my shirt and trousers pockets ^^
    But, always be aware of those pickpockets.. wkwwkwkwk (kiddinG)

  15. Owh a Lite model..Pretty nice..
    I own a DSi. :)
    But kinda damn bcoz cannot play GBA games anymore.. :(
    So u r from Indonesia right?

  16. hehe~~ yes. Lite version can run the GBA cartridge and also if you have EZFlash.. you can play the GBA ROM on DS Lite.

    yah~ I am indonesian.. and you are from malaysia, I assume?

  17. Yeah im from Malaysia.
    U can guess huh? :)

  18. no..I'm not tukang tilik

    your blogger profile told me ^^.. heheh

  19. Owh ic.
    Since when u make this DS blog?
    Last year?

  20. hm~ this one?
    November 1st 2010 ^^

  21. Owh still new.
    Keep up ur good work then.
    Long ago i download all roms at Romulation but now its all locked. :(
    I mean the older games at tht website.I just wanna try all games. :)

  22. ^^

    and if you want to request Old games... you can contact me ^^
    I will upload them for you~~

    just put the request in the chatbox %%^^

  23. how can i trigger the ashihara tomb painting event? i cant seem to trigger it and i have checked all the past events. pls hlp