March 4, 2009

3468 - 7th Dragon (J)

ROM Code: 3468
Title: 7th Dragon
Game Region: 【Japan】 【English】
Released Group: NoRePack
Translator Group: 7thdragon.wikidot
Rom Size: 1024Mbit
Archive Name:
Here is the English Patch: (99%)
1. Download 【7th_Dragon_v1.01.rar】
2. Extract them
3. Run xdeltaUI.exe
4. Open the Patch: 7th_Dragon_v1.01.xdelta
5. Open the ROM: nrp-7thd.nds
6. Create output filename: nrp-7thd-patched.nds
7. Apply patch


  1. The patch doesn't work...?
    I get a 'not a valid delta file' error.

  2. arggghhh.. sorry for my late reply >.<

    thx for your reply

    I have fixed it..
    the XDelta version i gave before is not worked with this patch

    you have to redownload (ONLY) the 【xDelta.rar】.. the link is above. I have replaced the link

  3. How come there isn't a translation summary like on other pages?

    You know, such as the progress of the menus, dialog, etc.

  4. weapons armor and maps 100% translated (just not well)
    partial translation of skills (the titles are translated except for 2 or 3 but for some reason it will not display what i have translated of skill descriptions soo...)
    items up to item drops (partial item drops, there is still alot I need to get to)
    monster names and monster skills partial
    some menu translation (not much but still)
    No qest translation yet (hey ITs a LOT of Work ANd I still don't have a table file done for that specific file yet so just wait for future releases)
    some minor graphical edits miross to milos

  5. kok nggak bisa dipatched ya? keluar tulisan : "xdelta3 : target window checksum mismatch : XD3_INVALID_INPUT"...need help thankss :)

  6. coba di redownload file2 diatas
    【7thdragon.patch】 and 【xDelta.rar】

    saya baru masukkan yang baru dan pasti bisa dipatch

  7. koq ttp gak bisa dpatch yah?

  8. i patch it correctly but its only a file not a nds file how can i make it to a nds file?

  9. the english patch didn't work? are there another patch/link?

  10. If you guys are still interested a complete translation was just released.