September 16, 2009

4186 - SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu Goddess of Destiny (J)

ROM Code : 4186
Title : SaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu Goddess of Destiny
Game Region : 【Japan】 【English】
Released Group : PLAYiT
Translator Group : Crimson Nocturnal
Rom Size : 1024Mbit
Archive Name : pit-sega2.rar
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】
Here is the English Patch: (Complete 100%)
1. Download 【SaGa2-English-v2.11】
2. Extract them
3. Run xdeltaUI mod.exe
4. Open the Patch: SaGa2-English-v2.11.xdelta
5. Open the CLEAN ROM: pit-sega2.nds
6. Create an output filename
7. Apply Patch


  1. ijin download patch terbaru gan :D

    sekalian tukeran link :D

  2. For R4-SDHC user~~

    now you can play the game~

    use TTMenu Retrogamefan v6.47 here

  3. gan boleh tau gak gan tutorial TTmenu n YSmenu,, trus beda keduanya apa gan? n lebih bagus yang mana? gak tau mau tanya dimana gan

  4. download aja filenya dulu~~
    di dalamnya ada Install.txt

    itu isinya cara2 pasang firmwarenya ^^

    kalo mau sini gw jelasin sedikit.

    TTMenu itu untuk DSTT dan R4-SDHC
    YSMenu itu untuk R4 Clones

    Cara masangnya?
    1. Download lalu Extract file RetroGameFan DSTT/i, M3Real/M3iZero, R4Clone, R4/i-SDHC v6.47
    2. nantinya akan keluar banyak folder yg isinya masing2 Firmware buat flashcart
    3. Pilih mana yang cocok~
    4. Copy file yang ada di dalamnya.. satukan dengan firmware original kamu
    5. Ingat~!! jangan hapus firmware original flashcart mu.
    6. Nanti pas nyalakan DS. Jalankan TTMenu.nds atau YSMenu.nds
    7. Menu baru akan kluar~ nah disinilah baru kamu pilih game2 nya ^^

  5. for me, the game turns to a black screen after the dad leaves in the beginning. TTMenu and YSmenu don't work on my R4 when I tried to use it. In ttmenu I see a white screen with a little black loader in the bottom left corner. The YSmenu says, 'r4patch.dat NO_BOOT_LOADER." I'm not sure what my R4 was called but it says on the cartridge, "R4 Upgrade Revolution for DS(NDSL/NDS). hope you can help me. T.T

  6. Hm. For now I think the game worked when i installed the AP patch...but I still wanna use TTMenu and YSmenu so I can play radiant historia(which doesn't work) and some other new games too.

  7. why don't you try the AP Fix Patcher for each new games.. it also available here..
    so you don't have to use the Retrogamefan alternative firmware again~

  8. didn't work for Radiant-historia. the dragging the rom on the dicastia patcher caused a huge
    error list. I even went to other the one with an ap patch and it still didn't work. T.T aw well.

  9. Wrong topic for your comment~ i think??

    did you mean the Dicastia-Patcher for this ROM??

    I didn't list this SaGa ROM on Dicastia Patcher.. so it wont work.


    or .. did you mean Radiant Historia?
    ok.. If you face error and error..
    the last way you have to do is downlaod the PATCHED ROM for Radiant Historia


    PATCHED ROMS: lf-fbiu.rar *PATCHED

  10. I just mean new games in general like radiant historia and golden sun. I found out that I have an R4 III v3.13 upgrade if that changes anything.

  11. maybe this one may help you solve this problem

    RetroGameFan Multi Cart Update 6.51

    R4 Clones that can use YSMenu (Keep your ORIGINAL Firmware) :
    R4-III Upgrade Revolution - (Use R4_Clone YSMenu folder)
    R4i-SDHC Revolution - (Use R4_Clone YSMenu folder)
    R4-III Revolution Upgrade - (Use R4_Clone YSMenu folder)


  12. the ysmenu says "error r4patch.dat NO_BOOT_LOADER"

  13. @Anony.. dont forget..
    (Keep your ORIGINAL Firmware)

    use this retrogamefan as second firmware (DUAL BOOT)

  14. I'm using EDGE 2.3 and Blackscreen after Father escape through the window aaargghhhh

  15. unfortunately~ edge v2.3 still not compatible with this patch\

    guess you have to wait until edge fix this one,
    or maybe you can use another flashcart like R4 or acekard

  16. Its odd ..

    why after i defeat Ashura and go to temple but Kai didnt collapsed or something so i think im stuck thats why i delete the file :3

    but i really want to play this ...
    can you help me Sir Dicastia...
    or can you give me a save file after you defeat Ashura :3

  17. patchnya kok gak jalan ya di emulator?
    keluar kotak dialog "No$gba Cartloader Warnings".. ada gak rom yg udh di patch? thanks.

  18. Gan, gw pake GE i kok gak bisa ya? corrupted nds file, pake ackard lancar jaya..

  19. my download is always interrupted?