November 3, 2009

4370 - Summon Night X: Tears Crown (J)

ROM Code : 4370
Title : Summon Night X: Tears Crown
Game Region : 【Japan】 【English】
Released Group : NoRePack
Translator Group : SNX
Rom Size : 2048Mbit
Archive Name :
Here is the English Patch: (Ongoing 20%)
1. Download 【Eng.Patch v2.0】
2. Extract them
3. Run xDelta GUI.exe
4. Open the Patch : SNX(trans).patch
5. Open the ROM
6. Apply patch


  1. Always wanted to play this i played the ones on Gba and loved them.
    I hope we get to see a more up to date patch soon too =)
    Thank you.

  2. So when was the English patch last updated? I wish it's gonna be 100% soon, really itching to play this game.

  3. NEW Translator is doing this project.
    the old patch has been removed

  4. how much has now been translated?

  5. how is the translation progress going???

  6. just menu and character selection scene, if u download the english patch at 4shared, it is until THE BEGINNING OF CHAPTER 1 and some important scene only, and now is nearly 1 year, the translation is still 40 percent..

  7. I put them in xDelta GUI clicked Apply Patch but nothing happens

  8. Whenever i press Start New Game, it goes to the same menu screen

  9. any updates on progress?

  10. I would like to give an advice:

    Edit the "translated roms" description posts (in the begining or at the end) with (maybe capital letters) the words "Not Complete"

    I mean, I'm a huge Dicastia Fan (come here almost every day) and still hope that something was recently translated. And even going everyday to, I think its kinda confusing to know if some of the patches are finished or not (not every translation team has a progress bar like Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: EF, I know, but I'm aways looking for Element Hunters, Maplestory DS (I still dont know if its complete), and this other Fire Emblem. Thank you very much for the attetion =)

  11. Plz post update news

  12. update pleasee T.T

  13. ROm is corrupted coz you network to the server is being interrupted

    so.. to prevent this.

    PLEASE... download the ROM from here with Internet Download Manager (IDM)..

    Not only it can boost up your download speed, but also the rom is not broken anymore when your download is completed.

  14. About the news of the English patch

    the translator has brought the good news to us.


    Thank you for waiting.
    Please wait a little while longer.
    The project isn't dead. ^^

    New updates will be posted in November.

    Edited by Marusero28, 11 September 2012 - 01:55 AM.

  15. yeah, I'm waiting too, almost the end of November

  16. it's end of december and still waiting so please give us some news....

  17. words from the translator..

    Due to hectic day in school, the translator's leader had to postpone the translation project..
    and still no words from him after that latest info..

    maybe the project was dropped.. or still continuing.. but, we hope it will be continued..

  18. no update for 2 years ???