November 22, 2012

5097 - Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo Hikari (J)

ROM Code : 5097
Title : ファイアーエムブレム新・紋章の謎~光と影の英雄
Game Region : 【Japan】 【English】
Released Group : SUXX
Translator Group : FE12 Translation
Rom Size : 1024Mbit
Archive Name : sx-fe12.rar
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】
Here is the English Patch: (Completed 100%)
1. Download 【】
2. Extract them to a new folder
3. Drag the ROM onto the DRAG ROM HERE.bat
4. Click OK to finish


  1. ada Patch nya gak? Mau liat si Marth sama Ike lagi nih~

  2. kayakny bisa jalan koq tanpa dipatch.. udah gw test di R4 gw..
    gameplaynya msh sama.. cuman kita bisa create face ama job karakter utama sendiri...
    kayak Dragon Quest IX. ^^

    cuman yah... >.< japanese only..

    still haven't heard someone will translate it for us >.<

  3. Is this the new one? Or is this the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon in Japanese?

  4. this one is not the Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. but the new one~

    The Title for English is
    Fire Emblem Heroes of Light and Shadow, New Mystery of the Emblem

    but no news about the US release.
    I think we have to wait 1 more year.

  5. Awh man, another year..

    Alright, thanks.

  6. Still no news on a translator? Really looking forward to this one ;D
    Big props to Dicastia for being so awesome btw, love you guys.

  7. What has been translated v1.0:

    - Character Names
    - Class Names
    - Item Names
    - Some Wi-Fi Crap
    - Terrain Names

    Class Names 100% Done
    Generic Enemy Names 100% Done
    Character Names 100%

    others 0%

  8. v1.1 Changelog:

    translation fixes and made a new patch with them

  9. v1.2 Changelog:
    - Chapter #s were all off by 1, now fixed
    - Some names were switched around/misplaced, now fixed
    - Some names were too long, now fixed
    - Couple other minor translation addition

    Includes a couple minor but needed fixes to item translations.


    List of Issues:

    Known Problems:

    - BSFE chapters are mislabeled. :\
    - Only the first letter of names in dialog show up. Idk why this happens, nor do I have the capability to fix it*.
    - Some names were shortened because I didn't feel like repointing every text slot that didn't have enough space for its name. Also, everything isn't 100% consistent. Oh well*.
    - Some names may extend past what the game's preferred character limit is. Again, oh well*.
    - Hammer is mislabeled as "KillerAx"
    - Lady Sword is buggy when being attacked*?
    - "NULL" should be changed to (None) like FE11 does it.
    - "Klein" should be changed to... uh.. Claine? Um... I'm taking suggestions on this one, but "Klein" sounds too male. *and not just because there was a sniper in FE6 with that same name*
    - Chapter #s are all off by 1 chapter >_>
    - Sidestory chapter names aren't translated, but that's because I didn't have any translations available for them*. D:

    *most likely won't be changed.

  10. dicas bisa kamu kasih link lain kah buat patch translatenya.aku gak bisa donlot patchnya dari archive mu

  11. 【】 added

    Main Menu Graphics COMPLETE

  12. ka dicas kalo udah di patch load rom nya yang mana? yang patch nya ato yang bersih nya?

  13. gan, ini status patchnya gimana?
    udah 100%?
    tenkyu infonya

  14. Just a quick question,

    Is the story translated? :D

  15. Can´t download, it stops just before it shall finish , and then i get error that it can´t find the source....

  16. The patch isn´t right, i think, i tried it , and none of the menus where translated....

  17. Can you check the download for this Rom? because it gets halfway finished then it and gets a unknown network error and stops.

  18. There is finally a complete patch of the game. Check it out:

  19. i have problem load error code 4

  20. i have problem after chapter 6 freez screen,,,cansomebody help

  21. Gan itu yang patched rom ny keluar tulisan gini
    All download slots for this file are currently filled.
    Please try again momentarily.

    Ad link lain gan ? Mediafire ato idws mgkn ?
    Thx b4

  22. ad ar code nya buat yg udah d patch??????

  23. this rom is bullshit,,,after chapter 6 to 12 random freez and by chapter 13 black screen

  24. "Anonymous said...

    this rom is bullshit,,,after chapter 6 to 12 random freez and by chapter 13 black screen"

    Right. Since I'm able to play past all of that with no freezes and even finish the game.

  25. i play on r4i card with newest sofware from RetroGameFan but have the same problem

  26. it going well when i played it in desmume, you should try it :D

  27. ...and now the issue lies in finding a clean rom. Why is that always the hardest part of playing these games, anyway if people are supposedly always pumping out downloads for them?

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