October 6, 2010

5253 - Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs (U)

ROM Code : 5253
Title : Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs
Game Region : 【USA】
Released Group : NukeThis
Rom Size : 1024Mbit
Archive Name : nt-prgsu.rar
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】
【Pokemon Ranger GS: Guidebook】
Here is the AP (Anti Piracy) Fix :
1. Download 【Dicastia_AP-Patch】
2. Extract them to a new folder
3. Drag the ROM onto the Dicastia-Patch.exe
4. Click Yes then click OK to finish
If you still don't understand these steps, you can view the tutorial with images:
How to use Dicastia AP Patcher


  1. Hey Dicas this pokemon ranger seem to be unplayable for me :(
    Can help me with this?
    Im using latest YsMenu

  2. hm~
    idk but

    try to patch the game~ if still not working

    try the Europe version

    here: http://www.dicastia.com/search/label/ranger

  3. the E version dont have patch?
    or is it already fully cracked?

  4. yup~ you dont have to patch it agaiN~