November 23, 2010

5356 - Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (U)

ROM Code : 5356
Title : Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
Game Region : 【USA】
Released Group : RobotKillers
Rom Size : 1024Mbit
Archive Name : rk-999.rar
Total Downloads : times
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】


  1. Retrogame has released the new firmware : RetroGameFan Firmware Update 6.43 | 22nd Dec 2010

    check it out:

    It said.. this one will fix the Random Freeze while playing the game.


    For DSTT/i, R4/i SDHC, DSONE/i, M3 Real/M3iZero and R4 Clones known to use YSMenu/DSTT Firmware

    All carts except for DSTT/i need to keep their original firmware and then load YSMenu.nds or TTMenu.nds

    Copy the files from inside one of the folders, depending on which cart you have and what Menu system you want to boot.

  2. is this game have any patch? =)
    this game works correctly and at first no prob but sometimes the games tends to stop (only black screen) and i must restart my DS again and after a while, that error occurred again and i have to restart it.
    do you have any suggestions?
    thx before =)

  3. Dorara: please upgrade your flashcart firmware.

  4. @ dicastia
    i don`t know a thing about flashcart firmware because i upgrade it on the game store. hehe

    oh btw after i do some browsing, i already found a patch for this game;

    download it and check it out if any freezing occurs

    Place the nds file in it. Then double click the 999 .bat file

    After it's done a new file will have appeared in the folder (-fix.nds)
    Put this file into you r4 card and delete the old game and any old 999 save files.

    it should work and stops any freezing occurs in this game and you can play the game nicely :)
    i've tried it.. hehe
    thx =)

  5. yup~ actually someone created the patch.
    happy gaming then ^^