December 3, 2010

5387 - Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (E)

ROM Code : 5387
Title : Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Game Region : 【Europe】
Released Group : EXiMiUS
Rom Size : 2048Mbit
Archive Name : xms-gs3e.rar
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】


  1. Mirror:

  2. nope.. there is no patch for this i think..
    guess you have to wait for your latest firmware update.

  3. ok thx for your answer

  4. Good news for Cyclo DS Users~~

    CycloDS Evolution Evo Firmware 1.61

    Numerous game compatibility fixes including
    5367 - Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
    5387 - Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

    You can download it.. in DS-Firmware section.

    How to use

    The upgrade process is simple and painless. Just follow these easy steps:

    1. Place the "update.evo" file in the root directory of your MicroSD.
    2. Insert the MicroSD back into the CycloDS Evolution.
    3. Insert the CycloDS Evolution into your Nintendo DS.
    4. Power on the Nintendo DS and start CycloDS Evolution as you would normally.
    5. The update will be launched automatically. Follow the onscreen instructions.

    Once the update has completed the "update.evo" file will be removed from your
    MicroSD, so you do not need to remove it manually.

  5. is this games work nicely even without a patch? thx :)

  6. Excuse me but i have an R4 SDHC and it don't work help . And erh i'm in 1.34 wood 1.29b . Please i like the game .

  7. How to play this game on NO$GBA...

    but...not slowly....?