December 8, 2010

5400 - Ninokuni: Shikkoku no Madoushi (J)

ROM Code : 5400
Title : Ninokuni: Shikkoku no Madoushi
Game Region : 【Japan】
Released Group : BAHAMUT
Rom Size : 4096Mbit
Archive Name : b-ninokuni.rar
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】
【51 Spell of Ninokuni】
Here is the AP (Anti Piracy) Fix:
1. Download 【Dicastia_AP-Patch】
2. Extract them to a new folder
3. Drag the ROM onto the Dicastia-Patch.exe
4. Click Yes then click OK to finish
If you still don't understand these steps, you can view the tutorial with images:
How to use Dicastia AP Patcher

Astram Language and Hidden Treasure:

ゴロネール王国 / ババナシア王国

Astram Language :


  1. i got the book for the game. i got all the spells. i'm playing it fine. if you want the spells write to me here. have fun.

  2. wow great.. if someone would scan all the book into PDF version...
    I really want the book, too.. hehe..


    these are ALL the spells only, not the whole book, have fun Dicastia :)

  4. it helps me so much with the game.. thx hamza >.<

  5. you're welcome, have fun :D
    one question, where did u learn japanese ? don't tell me you didn't !

  6. actually, i used to learn japanese.. but only half a year i chose to quit. And after that, i began to self-study.. hehe
    but, i only can read katakana and hiragana.. dont ask me to read kanji.. hahahahha

  7. I have put the translated spell description in .pdf file.
    Enjoy~~ ^^

  8. nice going Dicastia, but i've got a problem here...i'm in a place in the game where it's asking me about information from the book !! it's got those weird symbols, and i have to translate them, i guess, you didn't by any chance run into these symbols ?? thanks

  9. Did you mean the symbol image; right on the post above??

    i just put the game translated symbol.

  10. WOW!! i was JUST about to post a link here ! nice :D

  11. Dicastia, if u need anything in the game just say it, i'm like 8 hours into the game, and i can read kanji :D don't worry, maybe i could write a walkthrough or something. anyway, write to me here if you're stuck in the game. thanks again for the symbols.

  12. thx hamza.. i will.
    hehe ^^

    fortunately, this game has the hiragana above the transcript ^^.

    I really love this game. LEVEL 5 project is so cool.

  13. one second, do you have blog or joined in another forum??

    your name is familiar to me. if i'm not wrong, in yui-lover's forum.

  14. Hi ! I'm sorry to bother but I ask for some help.

    I'm at beginning of the game in the first city and there's that spirit "ミラント" who gave me a quest in which I have to translate the Astram Language of the page 13 of the magic master ... By any chance if you have it, could you share it ? Would be very grateful !

  15. By the way, I think that the translation of the spell 36 is different and may be "Minimum".

  16. @watermelon: Astram Language?? Look at my post above.. there is the Image of astram language encryption.

    Ow. Yes, it is .. It called minimamu (minimum) coz it can reduce the strature of magic.. hehe. thx for the correction ^^

  17. Thanks for answering !

    I think that I made a misunderstanding while reading hamza request. I misguessed it and thought that was for the quest given by "ミラント" at the "ゴロネール王国" in which you have to translate some "アストラム語" from the page 13 of the Magic Master ...

    Kind of funny to be stuck at this quest when this spirit said me that it's meant to prove if my Magic Master is a genuine one or not.

  18. I think some guide from this site will help you :

    dont worry about the weird looking letter, the google translate is our friend, isn't it? ^^ hehe

    Bonus: this is the quest guide.. #1-#100

    I'll put it on my post above.

  19. Thank you again for taking care of answering me !

    Unfortunately I already visited this website and this is what it said about this quest for the part that interest us :

    The first answer has 4 letters with the last one being 「ど」.

    So the website doesn't give full answer. It's too bad because this quest is easy and give 3 stamps !

    Also if you have Firefox instead of using Google Translate you can use the addon named "Rikaichan" it gives you the pronunciation and definition in hiragana of the kanji your cursor is on. Very helpful particularly for learning Japanese passively. ( you can also use it as an dictionary by typing the word yourself )

    May the force be with you !

  20. hello guys ! watermelon, sorry if i mislead you a bit there, actually i didn't do any side quests, except to get into the goroneru castle. if you need something, maybe i can help, but not in side quests :D sorry. btw, did anyone go to the 4 trials yet ?

    Dicastia, actually no, i don't have a blog, neither am i in yui forum...zannen nagara :D

  21. when you go to bikkini town, you have to solve a puzzle using page 61 from the book....i'm stuck here...9 hours in the game...i'm....finished....we have to find that book...the COMPLETE book, and nothing less...hehe, i sounded evil there...

    NB:you have to solve the puzzle, and if you press B to cancel, shizuku will tell you "c'mon, open the book...etc" and force you to solve it again, and again, and again....till the end of time. so save before you enter bikkini, because once you entered, there's no turning back, it's all automated conversation and you can't stop it.
    for the time being, i'll level up my characters.

  22. the word you have to write is
    sorry, i freaked back there, hehehe

  23. watermelon, here's your answer for the astram language side quest...
    ミラントの問いに「なるほど」「さいこうきゅう」と答える...ok ? if you need further info just tell me

  24. retrogamefans has released the YSMenu and TTMenu for R4 Clones..
    So, if someone has run into error saving or game freeze..
    Try to use this firmware:
    *YSMenu for R4 Clones v6.42
    *DSTT/i, R4/i SDHC v6.42

    All the firmwares are available here:

  25. Thank you so much hamza ! I searched a lot on Google and never found full answer ! Now I can continue without having a feeling to have miss something.

    Thank you again pal' !

  26. no problem at all, you just have fun there. and if you're stuck anywhere else just say it. you're welcome.

  27. Thanks for the support pal' !

    I sucessfully done the quest now and got my stamps.
    Also it seems that this is a "chain-quest" because he said to me that he's gonna go on a trip on the others city in order to remember what is the secret of the Magic Master since it's his duty as a spirit. Maybe the reward at the end of those quest with Miranto is big :p !

  28. yeah, i found him again in babanashia, and he told me he remembered something, that the secret of the book is in page 132 or something like that, but i couldn't find the answer to this question yet. i'll try to look for it and post soon. nice going

  29. I found the answer to the second part of the ミラント quest by searching your precedent answer on google and found the website. (

    In the Karasu Company (the weapon/armor/accessory) of Babanashia at the left lay an armor and you have to examine it.

  30. I have put another quest list.. this one's not listed by number but based on story progression..

    guess, it will help you guys... hehe

  31. Ni no Kuni, a joint project being worked on by Level 5 and animation legends Studio Ghibli, will be released in Western markets, Level 5's CEO has confirmed.

    Speaking with Nintendo Power, Akihiro Hino says that his company is looking at increasing the number of games released in the US and Europe, with specific examples including football RPG series Inazuma Eleven and Ni no Kuni, which is due to appear on both the DS and PlayStation 3.

  32. I used acekard2i and the rom burned my acekard completely...
    I did run this game on DSi XL 1.41U firmware... Everything was ready to run, patched, updated card's firmware and... AK2i itself not working anymore...It is just me or anybody same experience?

  33. if you have the latest AK2i firmware. i think you needn't have to patch the ROM. use the clean ROM, though.
    maybe WOOD R.P.G. v1.20 can solve your problem??

  34. ugh~~,, i kinda stuck at quest #20 and 43..
    anybody can help me??


    quest 20 only shows ???
    quest 43.. i can find any heart piece which match him >.<

  35. The quest 20 is a "chain-quest". You must do the "Human-Cat Greetings" by first talking to the cat and then touching their nose on the portrait. After that you must do the same in other city where's there's a cat.

    For quest 43 I had to wait later to find the heart piece.

  36. thx for the answer, watermelon~.
    i will try it..

    thx dude, you're a big help. >.<

    and.. one question.. do you know where i can find all the answer for the riddles from bunnyman in the dream world??


    There's some minor complete answer but not all, that's the best I got sorry. But I think it's helpful since you can make google research with that by typing " 二ノ国 夢の世界 ".

  38. thx again~~ watermelon.. hehe..
    i wonder how many quest you've done until now~

    this game is very COOL~ the sidequests and riddles in this game made me forgot the other NDS Game I want to play (like golden sun, 999, and inazuma).. hahaha

  39. Actually I just arrived in the 5th city and done all the quest that were available and doable. ( about less than 30hours of play by now ... ). As you said the quests are very entertaining ! The one which I'm looking the most to complete is the one with Milanto. Because the final reward seems to be the most powerful spell of Oliver ( the spells with many dots in the magic master )

    If you need help again just give the information like you've done with the number of the quests and I'll try my best to help you !

    By the way I discovered a very interesting Japanese Blog with answers to quests and here I link his article about the Dream World : .

  40. Yeah.. Milant appeared on each town and gave us riddles. Ow.. you meant I-ZE-RA?.. wow..

    yes.. i've visited it before.. but, i kinda stuck with the wooden stick on the ground.
    It says i have to draw MAgiC Lantern ...
    I drew the Magic Lantern but it doesn't work.. What i have to do then?
    i also found that some blog says that (you can do that after obtaining グラディオン)

  41. Yes it's I-ZE-RA, the final quest is the 40.

    So this riddle with the shadow of the wooden stick is doable after obtaining Gradion ? I've done all the runes of the magic master cause I didn't have a single clue what runes to use and didn't succeed ... Seems like I lost lot of time ! ...

    Also グラディオン seems to be like the staff that the Cat King of ゴロネール王国 gave you, it's just another staff that you receive by doing the story.

    So in conclusion the magic to use to solve this riddle cannot be used with the actual staff.

  42. thx for your answer.. yeah, i think so..
    coz when i drew the Magic Lantern. it said.. 今の杖では使えないようだ.
    you cannot use this staff by now.

    maybe I have to wait until I get the new staff then i can draw the magic lantern??

  43. 今の杖では使えないようだ.
    It said more accurately : It seems you can't use it with the actual staff.
    The particles "で" is use to explain the context.

    ( just explained so you didn't misunderstand anymore, I think it's important ! )

    And as described there :
    You get hands on the first form of Gradion at ヘイブン. I didn't make it there yet so I can't give you more information sorry !

  44. oh~ now i get it.. thx for the link.. i much understand now.. hehe

    oh ya! purple chest and green chest? seems that "Unlock" spell didn't work.. hehe. Did you?

  45. Is it really purple chest ? I thought that was blue, the first one that I cannot unlock was in the sewer. Shizuku said at this moment that you needed a most powerful staff already.

    For the green one you'll be able to unlock it in Bikini Harbor.

  46. yeah.. it's purple.

    there are four kinds chests:
    red chest: ~not unlocked~
    blue chest: open with unlock spell
    purple chest: (yeah i think so, maybe same like the "Magic Lantern" problem before.. hehe)
    green chest: now i get it.. unlock it in Bikini Harbor.

    hehe.. thx for your answer again.. ^^

  47. watermelon.. did you know that each place in the Ninokuni World Map has the hiddden treasure??

    if you want, i can post the image for you.. But, only on 1st and 2nd kingdom area.. >.< I accidentally deleted my saves game .. and now i have to play it from beginning.. huhuhhhh

  48. Hidden Treasure ? I've heard that from a man after in Bikini Harbor after doing a quest. But what are those hidden treasures ? I constantly cast Treasure Search on me. I'll gladly accept that image :p !

    Sorry for your save :/ . That's why I'm often doing backup of them. I think you should go in speedrun and do the Milant quest and the Cat Greetings one in priority !

    By the way


  49. I've posted it above..
    For some reason, Only for Cat Kingdom area and Babanashia area..
    Treasure Search?? did you mean Spell no 20?
    and... do you know what's the difference between Eye of the Maze (Spell 13).. and Treasure Search (Spell 20)

    sorry for asking.. coz I haven't got those spells.. hehe

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS TOO, watermelon~~

    and..I will fill out my day with Ninokuni on this holiday project..
    hohohoh (laughed like Santa's) ^^

  50. Treasure Search make visible the invisible chest on the World Map while Eye of Maze mark chests in dungeon with a red dot.

    The hidden chests in those pictures are visible with the spell Treasure Search don't worry you won't need absolutely other of those pictures to discover them in other regions, just explore with Treasure Search and you'll see some Exclamation Point meaning there's a chest here.

  51. thx for your explanation.. ^^ It means I don't have to get those pictures again.. hehe..
    *Did you know.. when i saw the map patterns, that reminds me of Dragon Quest IX... hahahaha.. But, I'm not surprised coz they're in same developer, LEVEL 5.. ^^

    wah.. today is the Christmas Day....
    Guess I'll spend a lot of time with my NDS from now on ^^

    ~Merry Christmas~

    now.....HEEEELP!! i'm stuck at the point which i must find the 3 magical stones, ok ? ok, so i found-so far-2 maybe, i can't remember, but i remember that the last place i were at was the ice cavern, in which i fough the ice dog, the one with the ghost boy ? yes, that's should i go ??? i can't seem to find any clue on where to go next !! please, if anyone knows, maybe a little help here ? thanks :D
    N.B. the lady in haven tells me to use the magic master and i will find trails of which someone went and found these stones...or something like that i guess...please help, where should i go now ?


    have fun ya'll

  54. Thanks for the links! I'm not here yet I just arrived in Heaven, glad you found it !

    Merry Christmas !

  55. WOW!!! Great!! this Walkthrough really helps me !!

  56. that's good.
    have fun.

  57. Hey ! Just posting to say that I finished the game !

    I also finished Milant side-quest and got イーゼラー. If you want any informations about quests there's that website that got all the answers to quests and even for the other side tasks ( like the 7 coins, or the sealed chest ) :

  58. Great! I've also finished the game.. Thx to "" but I had many quest not finished yet.. hehe

    and.. @watermelon: great.. i love the sites you gave..
    It's really useful.. They have Synthesis Recipes Guide, too
    Guess I'll play again.. and will finish my unfinished quest before.. hehe

    It would be good again.. if they put the storyscript translation there, too..

    hehehe... ^^

  59. Congratulations for finishing the game !

    There's still a lot to do after finishing the game :

    - Milant quest ( i-zera- and key of moya )
    - The Cat Greetings ( for the spell kakuremi kiri )
    - The 4 Sealed chests ( summon water orb that target all enemies )
    - The hideout of the king of pirates ( 7 coins )
    - 100 floor of the tower of Moya. ( defeat shazal and get the spell and staff baruzenon )

    Maybe I can help you to understand the story, which part did you not understand ?

  60. Yes, many things to do after finishing the game ^^

    I am lack of Japanese grammar and the Kanji, of course..
    We know that they put the Hiraganas above the Kanjis... But, I am not able to read coz it's too small. So, In the end, I don't get the meaning of the story.. hehehe..

  61. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  62. If you don't mind I'll like the above comments to be erased after you read it, I'm just to afraid that someone who didn't cleared the game read it by curiosity ...

  63. By the way if you want to learn more about grammar I recommend you this website :

    It helped me a lot !

  64. yeah.. I agree with you ^^ we'd better not spoil the story~~
    ok~ i've sent it to my recycle bin.. (i didn't remove it permanently ^)

    thx for the site, watermelon.. ^^

  65. could you help me please in Tingle no Koi no Balloon Trip

  66. hm... ~ I thought that is no relation with this topic>>||??
    You are in the wrong place, man >.<

    ... did you mean the ROM??

    you can have it : here ->
    4089 - Irozuki Tingle no Koi no Balloon Trip (J)

    but.. please .. if you want to request ROMS.. please ask me here
    through the chatbox

  67. Hi! Can anybody upload a full scan of the spellbook? That would be awesome!! Thanks in advance.

  68. Hello, people!
    I just loved the game, and this page helped me a lot to get through it. But I know almost nothing about japanese... ;/ And got really lost after the steps you posted up there on the post (not the steps on the comments). Don't you have any walkthrough in english to help??
    Thank you for everything! ;D

  69. Sorry! The steps you posted there: ;D

  70. Since i got the walkthrough from japanese sites..

    I planned to stop the project >.<
    sorry guys~

    But, with the google translator.. you can get into the Walkthrough..

    here if you want:

    【FAQs & Walkthrough】 - Ninokuni

  71. Oh! Thank You Discastia.

    In fact, I'm doing fine without Walkthroughs.. the game helps itself ;D I think I'll have problem only with those recipes and the necessary item for them or with item like ressurection ones (does it exist in the game??)..

    Can't wait for the ocidental version to come out. I would really like to get the real story, not just guess what's happening ;DD


  72. apakah game ini sudah ad translasinya?
    klo dah ada
    dimana translasi patch nya

  73. belum ada//

    dan kayaknya ga bakal ada

    karena versi USA dan Europe akan dirilis December 2011

  74. Hey Discastia, can you help me?? ^^

    OMG, I'm feeling the noobiest person paying the game (i wish I could read japanese ;D). I've just killed the big pirate and saved the pirate workers.. I know I'm near the end of the game but.. I've just noticed that maybe it's possible to summon the monsters I've been fighting through the game.. is it really possible? How?

    About the transparent walls past the boss fight, how can we pass through them?

    What's the item to cure the cursed status (skull one)??

    Tks, man! ;D

  75. omg
    i just got the third magic item, and don't know how to get to Haven again...

  76. hm~ Maybe you can try to find the tutorial here

    use google translate to translate the site.

  77. hello! somebody maybe use google?


  78. Hello Dicastia, i was feeling nostalgic about JRPGs when i remembered your site here, man it's an excellent site for RPG fans.

    I appreciate the hard work you put in keeping this site easy, accessible and updated.

    Cheers :D

  79. is there any english version patch recently??

  80. good day to everyone! specially to you dicastia. i just need some help here.. i just got my self lost.. first, on how to do the astram language.. first astram language at the INN, where its like you were in a dream there's a rabbitman.. i dont know what to do here.. 2nd, i left the first astram language then headed to the ahh.. i dont know what you call the place.. i think its a volcano.. i just got in a cave and then a phoenix statue thing took me where there are 2 buddha statue or whatever you call it.. and then there. my problem is i got my self stuck there.. the buddha statue shows 3 astram again and what i did is just draw all the magic spells.. and seems nothing is happening.. the ball in their hands just shines and thats it.. the door never open.. hope u pardon my bad english.. i just need a help there...

  81. see walkthrough here

  82. guys i need help here!! im kinda lost and im looking for the cocconada cave and i cant seem to find it.. ive been to PIRATE HQ but still cant find that cocconada cave.. and i keep searching all over the map and really cant find it.. any help? thanks in advance for somebody's help..

  83. Anonymous said...
    guys i need help here!! im kinda lost and im looking for the cocconada cave and i cant seem to find it.. ive been to PIRATE HQ but still cant find that cocconada cave.. and i keep searching all over the map and really cant find it.. any help? thanks in advance for somebody's help..

    those skeleton pirates... thats the pirate hq right? i returned there and tried to look for cocconada cave.. but none..

  84. see walkthrough here

    or.. if you read japanese .. you can find any hints on :

  85. well.. thats what im using right now, walkthrough by montas. he just mention the pirate hq but never mentioned how to get there or in what part of the map or a route on how to get there.. and i cant read japanese.. though the google auto-translated it, the english was kind of difficult to understand, i mean the grammar..

  86. Hi i know everyone seems don't have any problem in summit area where you have to merge the keys, but when i see the walkthrough it says that the merchant will have an idea, but the scene never come up, and i tried to use the spell but nothing happened, please help

  87. Why i cant find my magic book, i just begin my game, but there is no magic book... is there someone who has the same problem as mine? Geez, i was so excited to play this game :(