December 30, 2010

5430 - Crafting Mama (U)

ROM Code : 5430
Title : Crafting Mama
Game Region : 【USA】
Released Group : PLAYTHIS
Rom Size : 512Mbit
Archive Name : playthis-cm.rar
Here is the AP (Anti Piracy) Fix:
1. Download 【Dicastia_AP-Patch】
2. Extract them to a new folder
3. Drag the ROM onto the Dicastia-Patch.exe
4. Click Yes then click OK to finish
If you still don't understand these steps, you can view the tutorial with images:
How to use Dicastia AP Patcher


  1. instead of getting 512MB, I got 60MB... I have download the same file several times, yet still the same MB sizes. Is supposed to be 512MB or 60MB?

  2. ok. I will explain this thing for you.

    Mbit is not the same as MByte

    8Mbit = 1MByte
    512Mbit = 64MByte

    so, the size is 64MB.
    and, if we compressed it to .zip or .rar, the file has trimmed into around 60MB

    Hopefully, my explanation won't make you confused~

  3. oh i see
    thanks n still i download the YTT menu n again I get the white screen instead
    What does it means? Other games I can play except Cooking Mama n Okamiden again...

  4. hm~ ok.

    can you print out the images or find the images of your R4..

    i want to check it first whether it is original or not.
    If it is original. You only have to use the Wood.

  5. Hi! Followed your instructions but it says rom not found after clicking the "cm.bat"
    Please help me.. Thank you!

  6. OK~ I hope this IMAGE TUTORIAL will help you to solve this problem ^^

    Crafting Mama (U) Patching Tutorial

  7. thank you! your instructions really helped a lot

  8. Thanks ,
    it fixed my problem. I have been finding it for an age..^^.

  9. is this game have a patch????
    i have to download this game

  10. wheres the patch?

  11. actually you can use Dicastia AP Patch to patch the ROM.

    Here: How to use Dicastia AP Patcher

  12. work for me !! now I can play crafting mama..thank you very mucccchh..
    Is this patch can use to another game too ?

  13. not every game need fixing like this.

    If the game need fix/patch . I definitely put the AP Patch.

  14. can this fix "the unsaved" rom?

  15. where can I get the cm.bat?

  16. I get white screen when the game play, anyone please help me