February 3, 2011

5534 - Inazuma Eleven (E)

ROM Code : 5534
Title : Inazuma Eleven
Game Region : 【Europe】 【English】
Released Group : DDumpers
Remastered Group : TyRaNtM
Rom Size : 2048Mbit
Archive Name : dd-inel.rar
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】
Here is the Remastered Version Patch :
1. Download 【Inazuma Eleven Remastered Version】
2. Extract them
3. Run xdeltaUI
4. Open the Patch : IE_Remastered.xdelta
5. Open the Inazuma Eleven (E)(CLEAN ROM) : dd-inel.nds
6. Create an output filename (example: dd-inel-undub.nds)
7. Apply patch



  1. I want CLEAN ROM. Not this patched ROM.
    They had removed OP.

  2. Well its he only full english version out there atm so deal with it, damn kids today are so needy.
    Btw good find Dicastia. :)

  3. @Anonymous: There is no OP removed... Where did you know something of this??

  4. hmmm its taking me to that german rom link....:S
    or is that the english one? its not 5534...its the older german rom.

  5. this one is pure ENGLISH

    've checked the CRC32 code: C18C1468

    the same with DDumpers one

    Look at the Archive Name:

    this (ENGLISH) one: 5421-IE-MX.rar

    the (GERMAN) one: 5403-IE-MX.rar

  6. i use EDGE 2.1 n the game runs normally at the beginning. but when i choose item option it becomes blank screen n freezing all the time

  7. Coz this one is CLEAN ROM .. which has AP (Anty Piracy) still.

    if you're kaskuser.
    try to find the patched ROM on there..

    it should named Inazuma Eleven (English) Patched..

    sorry but here only provide the CLEAN ROM ^^

  8. i can't find the patch in kaskus.. can you post the link ? :D

  9. boleh nanya hih kapan kamu selasai ngeupload ke archive situsmu?hehehe soalnya klo lewat archivemu lebih gampang donlotnya lewat hp ketimbang lewat mf dengan file yg segede 100 mb lebih.

    Terima kasih

  10. sorry for my late absoset..
    I just uploaded the files.. sorry again coz I forgot to put the links back then ..>,L

  11. thanks for the upload

    - Names: All 1957 characters in the game, have their original Japanese name.
    - Sound: All Voices in story are the JP one, included videos.
    - Opening: The opening video is the JP one, and even subtitled with its lyrics (translated)! The "bad" thing is that the JP opening video has hard subs (pasted in the video).
    In the opening you will see "Riyo" mentioned a lot, the reason that the word isn't translated, is because doesn't have a proper translation of that word.
    - Movies: Nearly all movies are the same as the EUR version, except the opening and video Nº4 (Gouenji's Kick), because both videos are a bit censored in EUR.
    We are sorry about japanese text inside the subtitle, but we cannot put off that, because the Japanese texts are hard subbed.
    - ROM ID: Unlike other roms hacks and translations, this patch uses the SAME ID as the original game have! This mean that you don't need a new fix for your flashcards and you can use cheats, without editing their ID or adding another one. In resume, if the original ENG version works fine, with this patch automatically will work fine too.
    - Another changes: Here is a list of little changes to make things match of what we changed:
    . In map: Original named "Mark's House", now you will see "Endou's Home" when you choose where you want to go.
    . In the upper left frame: When you enter to the house of the protagonist, you will see "Endou's Home" instead "Mark's House". The reason that I used Home instead House is because arm9 need to use the same quantity of letters as the original, or the thing doesn't work.
    Other 2 texts are changed: Dark's Office -> Reiji's Lairs | Nelly's servant -> Natsumi's aides
    . Cutscene: In the cutscene where Endou shows Aki in the Tower his "Daisuke's SecretSkill Book", now the image shows Daisuke, instead Dave.
    . Tutorial images: All tutorial images that have names involved, are fixed with the JP names. For example you will see Gouenji instead Axel.
    . Battle Script: Edited to match all characters named in this.
    . General Script: Edited to match all characters named in this.
    . Blog: Also edited, both answers and responses.
    . Items: Some items were renamed, but only to match name changes (like Sonny's notes -> Souichirou's notes).
    . Movie View: Only changes in names of characters.
    . Sounds: Other voices, like "Inazuma Eleven!" at opening menu, when the "Goal!" voice appears and other minor voices, are in Japanese.
    - We have two great bonus content: When you beat the game, you can talk with Souichirou Raimon to fight
    against Prestige Teams, that are special teams of Inazuma Eleven 1.
    Well, we change two Prestige Teams (that nobody will remember) with 2 special teams!
    Both teams originally aren't in Inazuma Eleven 1 JP, so, enjoy it!
    - And a lot of other minor fixes.

  13. This is so sad to me...
    we often argue that videogames don't get localised.
    This game has also been dubbed in multi5 languages(very uncommon), level-5 did a lot of work for this game!
    And users don't appreciate?? Meh...

  14. @anon above me
    If you really wanna appreciate their hardwork go buy the original game...
    don't rant around here... the undubs are for the people who want to enjoy the game with its original setting, names & voices. If you don't like it just don't apply the patch, it's just that simple...

  15. udah download yang patched. tapi gak bisa di remastered :(

    ada cara supaya yang patched bisa di remastered gak ?

    thx before

  16. ga isa gan~ harus redownload yang CLEAN ^^

    download disini aja gan..
    disini ga ada yg PATCHED... perawan smua

  17. bro, udah coba maen yang clean rom ini, tapi di titik tertentu kena black screen terus. solusinya gimana ya ? saya pake R4 Wood

  18. udah download FIRMWARE terbaru Wood??

    Wood Firmware v1.28 udah ga ada masalah lagi ^^

  19. wah iya setelah download yang 1.28 udah gak masalah lagi. THX BERAT !

  20. saya udah download dan ngepatch, dan udah bisa jalan. tapi kadang-kadang layarnya tiba-tiba suka jadi gelap terus ngefreeze gitu. saya udah coba download firmware itu... tp nggak tau harus diapaain. saya pake nds, bukan emulatornya.

  21. @lala~
    kalo kamu pake R4 Wood
    updet ke firmware terbarunya

    udah versi 1.28

    cek di DS-Firmware section


  22. em, saya pakenya edge buat main nds. kalau edge gimana? apakah saya harus ganti ke R4? ;;

  23. EDGe~ updet ke v2.3 lom??
    coba diupdet dulu~

    tapi kurang pasti tau seh

    yang gw tau R4 Ori kagak ada masalah..

    jangan pake R4 SDHC (Clone).. gambarnya jadi glitch~

  24. Um, on mine, I can't see the characters... It's kinda funny, but sad... When I'm walking around, everyone is a black stub without a head... And when I play a soccer game, I can't see any of the characters - the soccer ball moves all by itself... How do I fix that?

    I use the YSmenu, using a clone r4.

  25. Why does it sound like shit..

  26. everytime i try to start the game i always get a white screen does this rom work with r4 sdhc cards.

  27. Please upgrade your flashcart firmware.. it is way too old..

    you can check your R4 Firmware in Firmware section

  28. I have and when ever i install it i just get stuck at the loading screen and i have version 1.34 from the r4sdhc.com kerneldownload

  29. Hey when i reach the part with Gouenji on the team and after placing him in the team it freezes after that like when i finished the team placement :( happened twice with the patch undub AND the clean one :(

  30. @Anonymous
    update firmare to play it.. use ori R4 not clone.. if u can't play perfectly ,dont't complain .
    buy original game ....
    I use acecard2i n no problem play it

    intinya :

    1.ga pingin ribet beli orinya aja
    2.bermodal dikit donk, klu mw main yg gratisan beli acecard 2i atw supercard dstwo(cari aja yg jual di fjb kaskus)

    jgn diurus si Anonymous,biasanya orng sprt itu cuma maw bikin rusuh.

    regard kaskuser

  31. yg kotak ke 3 tu nak tulis ape ?

  32. I used to play this game in an old version of my R4, but when I updated it from a kernel of the respective website www.r4-v.com (V2.5 and the page it's not the same as before xd) It began to have a lot of problems, like npc's without heads, strange bodies, etc.
    There is something that I can do to repair this? I really need your help.
    Thanks c:!

  33. I found english version last april, but i forgot the site where i downloaded it from... to bad i didn't finish the game our computer is replaced and all of my files are now gone! I think the archive is supposed to start in "20" that's the only thing i remember just post the site if you found it already because i want to finish it...................TNX I hope i've help even just a little

  34. jey people i got some kind of error during the patch process please help me out it say some kind of "Id........."some tthing error

  35. man i got and error it say some thing like id........ incan't patch the file what should i do

    i used the main file as the inazuma eleven jpn clean rome but it dowes not work

  36. you cannot use the JPN CLEAN ROM to patch.

    you have to redownload the EUR CLEAN ROM..

    go to the Archive Name : dd-inel.rar

    click the dd-inel.rar

  37. is this working on nogba reply plzzzz

  38. why i cant extract file IE_Remastered.xdelta??reply please..i need an answer..

  39. No.. you can extract the xdelta files

    please read again..

    1. Download 【Inazuma Eleven Remastered Version.rar】
    2. Extract them
    3. Run xdeltaUI
    4. Open the Patch : IE_Remastered.xdelta
    5. Open the Inazuma Eleven (E)(CLEAN ROM) : dd-inel.nds
    6. Create an output filename (example: dd-inel-undub.nds)
    7. Apply patch

    you have to run the xdeltaUI
    then Open Patch = click the IE_Remastered.xdelta

  40. ok i try it again..

  41. i had try but it says winRAR:Diagnostic message

    1-its also sad the files is corrupt
    2-unexpected end of archive

    reply pls..

  42. this inazuma eleven game need the NDS to play??i dont know nothing..but i want to play this game...pls,,need an answer..

  43. the wood firmwood is for what??need an answer..

  44. Wood Firmware is only for flashcart named R4 Original that does not support SDHC card (2GB above memory card)

    If you are emulator user, Use latest best DS Emulator named
    DeSmuMe r4127
    (Click to download)

    FYI, emulator doesn't support firmware like Wood.. So, stay out of it..

  45. hai Dicastia, gw kan udh dowload, terus extractnya kemana?? ke desktop atau ke suatu file?? trimakasih tolong di jawab atau di balas!

  46. gw udh sampai tahap ke 2 lalu mau ke tahap ke 3 gw gk ngerti mksdnya gmana?? suruh jalanin XdeltaUI ada 3 bar yang mesti diisi mksdnya gmana tuh?? trus... yang ke 4 suruh jalanin IE_Remastered.xdelta tapi gk ada file yang namanya kyk gitu..... bingung bgt!!! tolong di balas...

    if you don't understand what languages i use, tell me!

  47. daffa~

    itu hanya opsi kalo mau jadikan nama2 nya dengan spelling japanese

    kalo mau maen versi inggrisnya.. ga usah repot2 patch koq..

    tapi kalo agan mau patch ke tulisan japanese ROMAJI..

    harus download Inazuma Eleven Remastered Version dulu

    linknya ada di atas..

    atau langsung kesini: www.mediafire.com/?g7jxnarjbtjbc74

  48. udh download, udh di extract, udh jalanin XDeltaUInya, trusss open patch..... gk bisa di buka tuh patchnya.....

  49. * What do you need:
    a) The EUR, NOT patched version of Inazuma Eleven (CRC C18C1468, DDumpers).
    maksudnya gmana tuh??

  50. http://downloadfreeroms.kamranweb.com/2011/02/inazuma-eleven-europe.html

    tuh Europe version gw bingung tuh... yang atas originalnya nah yang bawah english nya..... pake yang europe version DDumpers kasih link downloadnya dong Dicastia........!! buat download Eur versionnya yang clean.

  51. kalo website itu gw ga tau musababnya...

    coba redownload dari sini.
    sini CLEAN ROM koq..

    tuh cek diatas..

    yang archive name : dd-inel. (diklik aja langsung)

  52. oooo jadi Open the Inazuma Eleven (E)(CLEAN ROM) : dd-inel.nds , clean roomnya itu Archive Name yang : dd-inel.rar kan?? jadi kotak ke 2 nya isi pake Archive itu yang udh si download?? ya kan?

  53. yup... setelah download dd-inel.rar

    lalu diextract -> dd-inel.nds

    nah.. file itu yang diisi ke kotak 2

  54. tapi aku gk bisa downloadnya.... setiap udh mau selesai pasti ada tulisan download has been crashed the source file cannot be read gimana tuh dicastia?? tolong jwb!

  55. coba download pake InternetDownload Manager

    mungkin aja pas mau selesai.. inet mu gangguan .. tapi kalo pake IDM bisa diresume^^

  56. tapi kok langsung blank jadi warna item sih?? (aku main di NDS bukan di emulator) pas royal academy dateng, trus kan ada 3 orang yang lagi ngobrol yang kaptennya sama 1 striker dan 1 mid fielder itu.. slesai ngobrol langsung blank item..... knp tuh?? aku pake edge

  57. mkasih yaa dicastia tolong di jawab!!

    atau ini kusus R4 aj? soalnya pas aku download archivenya ada file R4 nya juga tuh.....


  58. nih.. pas udh nge patch filenya jadi ada tambahan Changes, type: text document 4KB sama file yang ush di patch tadi kan?? nah.... yang di mskin ke NDS itu semuanya atau file yang udh di patch doang??

    makasih ... di tunggu jabannya!

  59. atau harus ada file patchnya? soalnya aku punya file patch tpi baru 1 doang, trus aku mskin bisa tuh yang pas lwn royal academy 20-0... truss axel msk.. tapi langsung nge blank lagi war item!!! gimana tuh!! please kasih tau!! atau SMS : 081210430111 atau ketemuan plisss

  60. tolong aku suka bgt sama Inazuma Eleven!! mainnya di NDS kan bukan di komputer? ayo dong klo gk kasih tau aj websit patch nya

  61. waduh...kalo daffa pengen maen di EDGE.. sepertinya patcher Remasterednya jangan dipake

    pokoknya..setelah download dd-inel.rar

    extract..lalu copy dd-inel.nds
    langsung.. ke dalam micro sd agan.
    dijamin lancar..


    FYI, patcher itu cuman mengganti nama dari versi inggrisnya ke versi JP aja koq..

  62. sama aj setiap mau lawan royal academy pasti blank terus!

  63. dicastia emang kamu mainnya di komputer atau di NDS?? trusss pakenya R4 atau EDGE?? klo main di NDS truss pake EDGE kopiin gamenya aj ke email aku:[email protected] kiriminn gamenya yang udh di extract yaaa!!dan yang bisa kamu mainin kayak di screenshotnya udh lv 60 tuh... pasti udh tamat kan?

  64. gini daffa~

    kamu masih simpen file ddinel.rar kan??

    lum dihapus kan??

    nah... extract ulang untuk dapatkan CLEAN ROM

    jangan dikasih patch apa-apa yah~

    lalu.. cek firmwareEDGE kamu

    kayaknya masih versi jadul banget
    jadinya ga isa maen game2 baru~

    Download EDGE OS v2.3 dulu
    lalu copy ke MicroSD mu~

    EDGE OS v2.3 | 6th Apr 2011

  65. ooo pantes... EDGE ku masih VER. 1.11 coba besok aku mau upgrade di matrix... makasih ya dicastia makasih ......

  66. ga coba update sendiri aja?? gampang koq install nya

  67. Subtittle-nya kok agak susah dibaca ya?
    misal: "button" menjadi "buttor", "listen" menjadi "lister"
    apa karena udah aku patch ke undub version?
    atau versi clean rom juga agak susah di baca juga?

    *maklum,habis download,romnya langsung saya patch lalu yang cleannya langsung saya delete tanpa di coba terlebih dahulu*



  68. coba pake DESMUME aja.. lancar koq.. itu pasti pake No$GBA yah?

  69. itu pengaruh font yang Remastered.. yang dipatch

    kalo CLEAN ROM nya ga ada masalah koq

  70. cara nya update versi sendiri gimana sih??

  71. @Dicastia:
    ini pake DESMUME kok.

    kalo cara balikin ke Clean ROM gimana?

  72. @Aqshadsv ; ga perlu dibalikin ke CLEAN ROM.. dan sebenarnya juga ga bisa

    tapi ada settingannya koq kalo Di DESMUME

    coba kamu ke setting:

    lalu 3D Setting

    ubah Renderednya

  73. Ok mkasi.
    Tapi sekarang dubbing-nya jadi patah2.
    tapi gpp deh:xiexie:

  74. caranya upgrde versi NDS sendiri gimana DICASTIA???

  75. INi panduannya:

    "Sebelum anda menggunakan EDGE, download terlebih dahulu OS EDGE dari situs resmi EDGE.
    Setelah itu Extract OS dengan WinRAR atau software lain dan masukkan file tersebut kedalam
    MicroSD anda. Kalau sudah, tinggal isi game-game favorit anda ke MicroSD, lalu pasang ke
    EDGE dan masukkan EDGE ke NDS atau NDSL. Anda sudah bisa mulai bermain game, begitu
    mudah bukan!"

  76. kasih link nya dong buat ke web situs resmi EDGE klo gk tulisin websitenya aj dahh!

  77. makasih yaa dicastia... akhirnya aku bisa main INEL sampe tamat!! makasih yaaa (daffa)

  78. mau nanya soal game dong! kan ada Builder's note tuh, si builder dimana sih nemuinnya? si "The lion of Inazuma" itu.... kasih tau dong di mana nemuinnya... katanya dia master of sport .. tolong siapa aj kasih tau di mana temuinnya!

  79. ooohh.. coba liat di topic atas.. kan ada FAQ's and Walktrough tuh..

    nah diklik aja... ntar ada 2 pilihan..
    pilih yang JIS (Japanese)

    tenang aja.. isinya bukan bahasa jepang koq.. tapi tetep inggris..

    cuman lebih lengkap..

    ntar disana ada jelasin ...

    3. Biruda - Also known as the Raimon Lion, he's awesome at sports!

    nah.. supaya mempermudah guide nya..
    find kata "biruda"

    ntar pasti tau cara dapatkan si singa inazuma ini hehehe

  80. gw beli NDS lagi, truss NDS.DAT nya ke hapus gimana tuh dicastia tau gk tolongin dong.....

  81. pake flashcart apa gan??

    download aja firmwarenya lalu dimasukkan lagi

  82. Dear admin,

    saya udah download ber ulang kali dari link yang ada di web ini..
    hanya ngga pernah sukses downloadnya
    apa ada link lainnya..?
    terima kasih

  83. coba dari sini


    setelah download..
    extract filenya
    ganti format .nd5 menjadi .nds

    direname aja.

  84. kq pas main charakter'y pda hitam

  85. it is telling source file not found when downloading dd-inel.rar.please help

  86. misii gan, ane mau tanya nih.. ane kemaren muter2 website nyari game beginian repot linknya udh diapus2in dan akhirnya donlot di torrent.. nah udh jalan di ds ane gan.. tp jeleknya subsnya telat udh gitu agak lemot.. ada patchnya gak ya gan dicastia? btw ni link torrentnya : http://www.demonoid.me/files/details/2539580/00141997546/

  87. gan, makasih banyak bwt linknya!
    ane cari kemana-mana ga da yg versi EUR,akhirnya nemu disini. THX!

  88. does this rom works for the pc

  89. Where does the patched file go....

  90. permisi, filenya waktu didownload kok error terus ya? muncul tulisan connection time out terus. kira2 kenapa ya?

  91. coba download pakai download Manager.. seperti IDM :3
    kalo langsung dari browser downloadnya..
    kadang2 bisa putus ditengah2

  92. udah berhasil download, tapi waktu di ekstrak gagal terus ya? padahal udah pake IDM