February 23, 2011

5574 - Radiant Historia (U)

ROM Code : 5574
Title : Radiant Historia
Game Region : 【USA】
Released Group : LameFuck
Rom Size : 1024Mbit
Archive Name : lf-fbiu.rar
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】


  1. Does this need patching?

  2. I'm using an R4 card, and I just get a white screen after patching.

  3. Sorry, thought I had the updated R4, had to dig around for the most recent update. Awesome and working, thanks!

  4. Hi Dicastia~

    Just to let you know, IronChefz is not a release group! ;)


  5. @Kiekoes.. yup i know that.. but since I don't want the Released Group is empty .. so I put it >.<...

    hm~ maybe I'll change it to Random Dumper?? or Random Sucker??
    what do you think ^^

  6. hey does the lf-fbiu.rar *PATCHED already patched?

  7. i played this game and its a suidoken tierkreis clone. same story idea and with chronicles and stuff. still suidoken is much better. nuff said.

  8. yes, but the battle system is unique.. and it has multiple endings~~


    but, too many branch story will make you bored

  9. hi Dicastia
    thank you for uploading this. i've been looking forward to trying it out for a while now.

    just one question... when i drag the file onto the patch.exe i get an error message.
    maybe you can help me?

    thank you once again

  10. If you still don't understand these steps, you can view the tutorial with images:
    How to use Dicastia AP Patcher

    If you got ERROR "TEXT*5946B920"

    don't be anxious~ coz you have got the patched ROM and don't bother to patch the ROM again...

    but, if the ERROR pops out error in the exe. file ..
    you can redownload the PATCHED ROM here
    PATCHED ROMS: lf-fbiu.rar *PATCHED

  11. hi again
    i tried the patched version on the R4i LL except i got an error message
    what do i do?
    also han you email me a list of games which the patch work for thnx
    please email at: [email protected]

  12. @Anony : May I know your flashcart? it seems your flashcart firmware is outdated

  13. @Anony: I mean.. where do you usually update your firmware.. (the website)

  14. It's th R4 DSi LL

    website is:

    and the latest update is:
    R4-i English V1.4.1 Date:[2010-12-29]
    which i already have cause i got my chip in january

  15. -It's th R4 DSi LL (ITS THE GREEN ONE)
    -website is:
    -and the latest update is:
    -R4-i English V1.4.1 Date:[2010-12-29]
    which i already have cause i got my chip in january

  16. Here~:

    you can use Retrogamefan as your alternative firmware

    where it is Working as Dual Boot (You must Keep your ORIGINAL Firmware) :

    RetroGameFan Multi Cart Update 6.51

    Use R4-SDHC_R4i-SDHC TTMenu folder

    Please read the How to Install.txt for instructions and the other .txt files as they will answer almost all questions.

  17. Emil a.k.a anonymousFebruary 27, 2011 at 6:05 PM

    Thank You so much, I'll be looking forward to downloading more games from this website

    oh does it also work for Kingdom Hearts re:coded

  18. yes~ it also works for CLEAN ROM of Kingdom hearts~

  19. Hi,

    It seems I always get the same error message "load rom errcode=-4" with the latest TTMenu and TTYSmenu 6.51.

    I tried it with several different version of the game and always the same message. Maybe there is something I didn't get...

  20. @Celtcry what flashcart do you use?

  21. Hi, I'm using R4 which is, as far as I can tell, updated. But I still just get the white screen, can anyone help?

  22. what's your flashcart type?

    or.. where do you usually get the firmware update (i mean the website).

  23. I just use this...


    But I just did some surfing and it seems like I'm behind.

  24. nah.. you got some nice flashcart!

    it's R4 original after all

    so you can use Wood R4 as your firmware..

    ok~ so.. from now on.. Use Wood R4 as your Flashcart firmware

    Wood R4 v1.25

    so, here's how to install:
    1. Backup all your game and savegame files
    2. Format your MicroSD.
    3. Download Wood R4 v1.25 (the latest one)
    4. Extract them
    5. Copy "_DS_MENU.DAT" and "_rpg" folder to your micro SD
    6. Put your games and savegame also
    7. Finished? Put back your microSD to R4 flashcart adapter
    8. Turn on DS
    9. Set the sav type first. (there are ".sav" , ".nds.sav" , and "both of them"
    10. choose ".sav"
    11. now try to run the game.. ^^ and.. cheers~ now you can play the new games ^^
    the latest firmware released is v1.25.. and it often update when new games appeared.. or you can say about 3-4 weeks.

    don't worry.. when they released they new one.. I'll upload the file a.s.a.p

  25. @Dicastia: Sorry for the delay. I am using the TTDS with the firmware available on your site (YS/TTMenu).

  26. @Celtcry
    have you read the tutorial
    coz if your flashcart is DSTT then you have to replace your original firmware with this one.

    here's the discussion about Retrogamefan

    hopefully, it may help you
    RetroGameFan Multi Cart Updates/Releases

  27. mangstab gan, ijin sedot dulu

  28. @Dicastia Ohh thank you very much! ^-^ It should help a lot!

  29. For the Wood R4 thing, does it work with the R4 III?
    I can't get this game to work. :/

  30. ane dah tamat gan, 236 node komplit haha, pake Desmume terbaru ndak usah dipatch , langsung hajar aja. dan, mungkin cuma perasaan saja, apa memang Atlus suka ngepublish game2 yang punya tendensi aneh2 ke religion ya :facepalm

  31. yup kalo DESMUme emang emuulator paling best

    hm~~ ga juga tuh. tapi yg gw tau suka buat cerita yg kompleks gitu..

    kayak Shin Megami Tensei ^^

  32. haha, sarcasm detektorku menyala kayaknya, bener ndak nih nyebut SMT :nohope (teringat pathnya Naoya di devil survivor, blasphemy to the max. kalo SMT jaman SNES dulu bahkan lebih :berbusa. emang rumit ). Anyway, desmume emang top, no$gba masih dikembangkan ndak to? Semoga aja game2 kayak Radiant Historia muncul lagi , bikin inget chrono series

  33. hi i tried to do the ap patch on this on my mac. but when i drag the game onto the file, nothing happens. does this only work on windows/pc?

  34. yup~ this patch should work~ if you use windows..
    this app needs framework v2 to run it~

  35. MysticAzn: I Think you didn't need to patch the ROM again~ since the flascart nowadays had upgraded their firmware ^^

  36. Will it work on N5 card?

  37. Hello!

    I have a R4-III Revolution (Firmware from r4dsl.net), and the ROM doesn't work. Does it have something to do with the Flash Card? I'm gonna download Wood R4 to test it.

    Any hints about some other firmware?

    Thanks! :)

  38. Hello again!

    Well, sorry for my noobish previus post... I read one of your answers, downloaded the thing in "RetroGameFan Updates/Releases", and guess what?! It worked fine! :)

    Not only with that game, but also with Pokemon Black that I had downloaded AGES ago but couldn't play because of the white screen.

    Thank you so much!!! :)

  39. ini blog buatan org indonesia ya ? salut dah gua .. mantabs banget blognya .. ud bnyk gw sedot nih :)
    maju terus gan

  40. bro,.. minta link rdiant historia yang udah di patch dong..