March 5, 2011

5592 - Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's WC 2011: Over the Nexus (J)

ROM Code : 5592
Title : Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's WC 2011: Over the Nexus
Game Region : 【Japan】 【English】
Released Group : iND
Rom Size : 1024Mbit
Archive Name : ind-yugioh2011.rar
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】
Here is the AP (Anti Piracy) Fix:
1. Download 【Dicastia_AP-Patch】
2. Extract them to a new folder
3. Drag the ROM onto the Dicastia-Patch.exe
4. Click Yes then click OK to finish
If you still don't understand these steps, you can view the tutorial with images:
How to use Dicastia AP Patcher


  1. yay! thank you. i have been waiting all year for this game!

  2. ko pas duel jadi ngehang bro!!
    ane pake r4 fake ysmenu mang nga ada patchnya..

  3. have more patient~

    the ROM still has an AP.
    so, it starts to freeze when you got into MainPhase Mode in Duel.

    dont worry, after i got the patch.. I will post it here

  4. I get a white screen.

  5. Uh I am not sure if I extracted right but every time I drag the file in the patch it's says .NET framework initialization Error: v20.50727. Anyone have this problem?

  6. ^^Yeah I updated the my computer and got the game to work, thanks anyways.

  7. i got a white screen... i use m3 lite... my firmware is updated to the latest one which is v36a and i have the latest framework... maybe its the setup that im messing up on. not sure which setup... no soft reset maybe? any suggestions?

  8. maybe you should try re-download the YGO5DWCOTN-PH-(PATCHED).rar

    i've given the links~ look at the comment above~


    if you want to try patching again~ Read this:
    Notes: If you still don't understand these steps, you can view the tutorial with images:
    How to use Dicastia AP Patcher

  9. i did, i tried both ways many times and it still gives me white screen. the patched version you gave me was a fresh copy i downloaded. and i used a clean rom when i tried patching it myself through your tutorial... :(

  10. i mean do i need ysmenu or maybe even an arm7 or whatever that's out there? i just have the basics and nothing installed or added... sorry i'm newbish when it comes to this stuff... but if you can help me get it right the first time i'll definitely remember it the next time...

  11. ok~ you used M3Lite, did you?

    I dont know whether this will work or not~

    YSM3 6.51

    Installation Manual also included~ in the readme file.

  12. Well i was trying it... The sad part was that it didnt even run correctly... I followed everything in the installation readme and tried both A and B methods and didnt work. when i run the ysmenu file the one with the .nds, it gave me an error saying "error: fatinit default" and making it as primary didnt even auto load i guess that had to do with the error...

  13. Is this in English or in Jap

  14. Is this in English or in Jap

  15. you still keep the PATCHED ROM rite??


    eNDryptS Advanced v1.2

    1. Create a new folder and copy the Patched ROM and eNDrypts Advance v1.2
    2. Extract the eNDrypts first
    3. After you extracted the eNDryptS Advanced.exe file
    4. Then, open the it
    5. DOS Window will appear. Press 1 to decrypt this ROM -> [Image]
    6. Make sure the result like this:
    7. Ok, now the ROM is decrypted.
    8. Copy the ROM to your DS

    9. maybe you should do this step whenever you got white screen on new games

  16. @Anony: if i put 【Japan】 【English】 on Game Region~~ it means it has English Language

    and this ROM is Multi 6*
    not only english but French, Spain, Deutsch, also served on this ROM~

    you can change the language on your DS Console system..

    change the Language.. then you may enjoy the language you want ^^

  17. sorry for the late response... it was AM where i live so i had to get some sleep... yes i still have the patched rom and ill try the decrypt thing you mentioned. also i just want to briefly describe what i do have in my sd card... my GAMESAVE, NDSSAVE, and NDS rom folder. These were there before i added the ysmenu stuff in there. Now the additional stuff for the ysmenu that i added were the TTMenu folder, SRESET.DAT file, and the YSM3.nds file.

  18. the ysmenu doesnt work for m3 lite... i asked gaboros.

  19. Bro, bisa tolong di reupload gak? File dah didelete dari mediafirenya.

  20. Whenever i try playing this on my r4i it constantly says "Unable to write data. please turn off the power and reinsert the game card"

    how do i fix that?

    and yes i have already tried reinserting the card.


  21. maybe your MicroSD Capacity is run out~ Check your MicroSD Capacity

    and remember.. one savegame is 512KB..
    two savegame = 1 MB..

    If it's not about the capacity problems~ try to re-format your MicroSD.. I think there is too much temp files on it~ and prevent you to write data

  22. kalo pake emulator no$gba patchnya ada gx gan?

  23. COba download No$GBA+Zoomer versi ane..

    banyak new games bisa dimainkan lewat N0$gba versi ini


    nanti jalankan No$Zoomer setiap kali ingin mainkan ROM nds

  24. mangstab gan, ijin sedot dulu

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Well, I patched the Clean Rom, and Formatted my Micro SD, but still, I got "Unable to Write Data. Please turn off the power and reinsert the card."

    Using AceKard 2.1 w/ AKAIO 1.8.5

    How can I fix that?
    Awaiting answer, Thanks.

  27. go to start and put Bypass AP On Enabled It'll work.

    even the CLEAN ROM will also work~

  28. Still didn't. "Unable to Read Data. please turn off the power and reinsert the game card."

  29. Tried the PrePatch rom too. "Unable to Read Data. Please turn off the power and reinsert the game card."

  30. you said you have R4 rite??
    not Acekard 2i??

    R4 isn't compatible with AKAIO 1.8.5

    may i know what is your flascart you're using now?

    it's better if you put some images of your flashcart..

    or you can type me the official site of your flashcart

  31. This is exactly my Flashcart --
    (Acekard 2 Ver. 2.1)

    I think you misunderstood me with other R4 guy comment above, looks like we have similar problems.

  32. ok2`~ I think your MicroSD is the peak of this problem~

    For those having sd trouble try using the new binaries from 1.8.5a hopefully this fixes the problems.

    Here -> AKAIO 1.8.5a

    How to use:
    1. Dont delete the 1.8.5 AKAIO
    2. download 1.8.5a
    3. extract them
    4. copy "akmenu4.nds" and "__aio" folder
    5. Overwrite the files
    6. Finish! now, put back to your DS.. and play the new games ^^
    7. remember :
    try to put Bypass AP On Enabled.
    even the CLEAN ROM for new games will also work~

  33. i cant find the download for the game and everything u linked is already copy right claimed,plz help :(

  34. REALLY Thanks, It worked. I put the 1.8.5a. I appreciate it.

  35. can someone plz upload this file again

    thanks in advance

  36. @Anony .. I've put the megaupload link..

    or.. if you want, you can download from Enterupload also

    it's below your comment.

  37. thanks man much apritiated :)

  38. i am using a tt 1.18 but i get the message unable to read data. I have tried patching it and decrypting it, but it still doesnt work.
    please help ..

  39. what's tt 1.18??

    you mean DSTT Menu 1.18?

    why don't you try :

    RetroGameFan Multi Cart Update 6.51

  40. please give me card list and how to open all booster pack... thankz....

  41. Nah, i dont have it~

    maybe try cheating the game?

    here's the latest CHEAT Library

  42. thanks for the download links. Whats the different between clean and patched ROM?

  43. updated: uda download yg ROM patched di enterupload. Tpi kok waktu dibuka pke no$gba cuman muncul layar hitam doang?

  44. I have a n5(r4 clone)
    I have the latest firmware and I have YSmenu on it
    N5 comes up with white screen
    And Ys comes up with Rom error = 4

    Been Waiting for this game for a year already

  45. @Febio : kalo pake emulator gak perlu di patch gan..

    tapi agan mesti pake No$GBA yang udah support ama firmware

    neh gan pake aja No$GBA+Zoomer versi ane..
    pasti jalan koq ^^


  46. @Anony with n5 R4 II

    Its an R4 Clones that can use YSMenu (Keep your ORIGINAL Firmware)


    RetroGameFan Multi Cart Update v6.51

    How to install:
    1. Download RetrogameFan Multi Cart 6.51
    2. Extract them
    3. Enter folder "R4_Clone YSMenu"
    4. Copy "TTMenu" folder and "YSMenu.nds" to your MicroSD (keep your original firmware, dont delete them)
    5. Ok. now you have Retrogamefan YSMenu and your original N5 firmware
    6. Put back to your DS
    7. Turn on DS, when choose a game.. Open YSMenu.nds
    8. Your alternative firmware will load and now you can choose a game to play.
    9. YUgiOH! works!! have fun~~
    10. ~ Keep in touch with Retrogamefan firmware. Coz the next new games will give error-4.
    11. You also can check the latest firmware on here also.~ It's located at the right sidebar.. (Latest Release)

  47. Hello, thanks for the patch!
    But it doesn't work on any of the R4 wood, Ysmenu, and other right?
    Can you please do it for those because I have a very limit time on computer :'(

  48. if you are using YSMenu
    try -> RetroGameFan Multi Cart Update v6.51

  49. I wanna ask i have use the patch but my r4 still can't read it is it from my microsd or from the rom

  50. I can't play YGO2011 and PKMW(E). When I play the game it only white screen, dicastia patch can't be use because i always receive an error when i used it. Please help!! I use R4 SDHC kernel 1.34 download from

  51. @anony: use this firmware:

    RetroGameFan R4SDHC Update ( 6.51

    This update is ONLY for the R4SDHC from

    then: download
    RetroGameFan Multi Cart Update 6.52

    Copy all files to the TTMenu of R4SDHC

  52. I used your RetroGameFan Multi Cart Update v6.51 link for my TT DS and it got past the load err code=-4 but now it just has a white screen.

  53. hm~ What is your flashcart~ or where do you usually update your firmware (the website).

  54. Gan, ini g rom di no$gba, g perlu cheat dsb kan?
    G kyk waktu ygo wc 2010.

  55. does this game work on r4i?

  56. Mungkin OOT tapi...
    Yang versi US kapan ya keluarnya?
    Apa bener yang pack-pack baru yg baru keluar stelah Maret sm April (kayak Extreme Victory) masuk dlm WC 2011 versi NA??

  57. @Arief

    NA (USA) : 05/10/2011

    10 may baru kluar ^^

    nah, kalo Pack2 baru itu kurang tau saya ^^

  58. punya cheatnya g???
    pingin belajar make kartu kartu baru nih

  59. yg di klik manatuh bingung ane

  60. Kalo R4 download yang USRCHEAT.DAT
    Kalo EDGE download yang EDGEcheats/DAT

    Kalo yang CycloDS download yang

    punyamu yang mana?

  61. Help!! It wont work on my Supercard DS One. I followed all the steps. When I opened the file, all I get is a white blank screen

  62. @Adi. download yang USRCHEAT.DAT

    @Anony -> Supercard DS One.. use Retrogamefan v6.53

  63. does this work on acekards? I tried to play it after following the above steps and i got a message that says unable to start game re insert the cartridge and try again each time I try to play this game.

  64. yes AKAIO and how do i enable bypass AP?

  65. never mind I scrolled up and found an answer in one of your previous posts thank you :]

  66. I have R4DS (not R4DSi!!!) and i patched with Dicastia. It still doesn't work. What should I do?

  67. works fine on cyclo but no AR cheats work... :(

  68. @Gop~ use the CLEAN ROM~ i think CycloDS latest firmware has updated this ROM info..
    if you use the patched ROM.. the cheat wont loaded. coz the binary has changed

  69. Misi gan ane mau nanya nih, ko image-rom has crash ya, padahal udah pake NO$GBA puny agan di comment atas, mohon pencerahannya gan thanks :D

  70. When you have a r4, you will have to download wood r4 and download the game put it on your card and it's finished! It's that simple with the technology of wood r4!

  71. hey,
    still get "load rom error=-4"
    ..i tried many firmware cuase ive get i r4 clone....actually use n5
    now i wanna trie "RetrogameFan Multi Cart 6.51" but the link doesn't exist anymore.

    What can I do now?

    could maybe someone post a new link?

  72. here:

    in that section, you will find the latest firmware

    Retrogamefan. already has the 6.58..
    try it.. it should work


    All Games working.. Great !

  74. kalau saat bermain hang itu masalahnya kenapa ya?mohon bantuannya dong.. :)

  75. Thanks JeroenB, my R4 works perfectly now :P

  76. bro,bisa online ga pake no$gba+no$zoomer ente??

  77. bisa.. pake No$GBA+Zoomer

    tapi akan random freeze.. jadi harus di patch dulu pake Dicastia Patch.. link dan cara2 ada diatas

  78. i got it to work but it runs slow.. how do you make it run faster? oh and i use DeSmuME-0.9.6-Win32

  79. hm~ it runs slow?? you mean when the Computer (A.I.) takes turn?
    well, that has been programmed like that. coz the A.I. needs times to think.

  80. I downloaded this game and when I tried to run it on my Acekard 2.1. It says unable to read data. Please turn power off and reinsert the game card. Thanks for the help :)

  81. dh sering download WC 2011,udh d extract, ad no$zoomer jg tp tiap kli d mainin lwt no$gba koq cma layar item doank????

    tx y mhon bntuanny :)

  82. Coba download No$GBA yang sudah disetting ini
    smoga berhasil~


  83. afgan, pas maw main phase 1 musuh tuh, masa karena musuh maw mikir dulu? Aye rasa.. Ada lag / lemot, karena musiknya juga ngelambat, tapi tuh AI emang pinter, sama kayak ngelawan orang sungguhan

  84. @Anony : tergantung kelas MicroSD Cardmu ... tergantung flashcartmu.

    kalo maen pake emulator bisa jadi lebih lamban lagi

    AI nya memang disetting mikir lama.. tapi utk musik dan pengerakan.. tidak lag koq..

    (sudah ditest pake EDGE dan SuperCard)

  85. aye pake emu desmume 0.9.7 lebih ok dari nos, processor aye i3 2.13 ghz ram 2gb, jadi yg salah apa gan? N setting agar gak lag gimana? And akio tuh apa? Gw download, tapi gak ngerti buat apa dan gimana gunainnya

  86. thanks gan ane akhirnya bisa maen game ini. you are the best

  87. bang discatia,
    aku udh donlod no$gba sama nozomeer nya tapi kok, game yg aku mainin jalannya pelannya...mohon batuannya

  88. gan pas main phase lawan kok lemot ya?

  89. gan. knapa saat lawan lagi main phase lemot banget.. saran plis.. thx

  90. Sorry, I know its an old game and you probably don't visit the comments anymore but do you perhaps have Dicastia for mac?