March 18, 2011

5615 - Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red (J)

ROM Code : 5615
Title : Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red
Game Region : 【Japan】
Released Group : High-Road
Rom Size : 512Mbit
Archive Name : hr-dssxwred.rar
Total Downloads : times
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】
Here is the AP (Anti Piracy) Fix :
1. Download 【Dicastia_AP-Patch】
2. Extract them to a new folder
3. Drag the ROM onto the Dicastia-Patch.exe
4. Click Yes then click OK to finish
If you still don't understand these steps, you can view the tutorial with images:
How to use Dicastia AP Patcher


  1. is there an english version

  2. why would there be? digimon is not very popular outside of japan. this game JUST came out in japan. they never translated the last digimon game. the chances of this getting a translation is close to 0%. even if we do, it wont be for another 10+ months at least

  3. then lets wait for those 10+ months

  4. is it likely theres going to be a patch or something to make it english? i wanna play this digimon game but cant understand a word of it :(

  5. please English Patch : Digimon Story: Super Xros Wars Red & blue.,.,., digimon is game favorite,.,., I strongly beg his help @ admin dicastia
    Thanks from indonesian.,.,.,

  6. gan kok gk bisa yah..?
    padahal dah ane patch nih
    ane pke No$Gba_NO$Zoomer

  7. kok tidak bisa kak udah pake desemu 0.9.7 tapi gak bisa juga

  8. it work in desmune 0.9.8

  9. ini english patch bukan ? pengen main tapi gak ngerti

  10. bukan.. itu cuman patch buat anti piracy (bajak)

  11. gan kok waktu donlot tengah jalan berenti gitu ya?

    mohon pencerahannya