March 30, 2011

5635 - Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional (J)

ROM Code : 5635
Title : Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Professional
Game Region : 【Japan】 【English】
Released Group : Caravan
Translator Group : dqmj2p
Rom Size : 2048Mbit
Archive Name : cvn-dqmj2.rar
Here is the English Patch: (Ongoing 20%)
1. Download 【】
2. Extract them
3. Run xdeltaUI.exe
4. Open the Patch: dqmj2p_2J.xdelta
5. Open the ROM: cvn-dqmj2
7. Create an output filename
6. Apply Patch


  1. ANiMeX's R4i Revolution Green Cart unofficial update 1.4

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    How to install:
    1. Format your microSD.
    2. Extract the package and copy all the extracted files and paste it in the root of your microSD.
    3. Play.

  2. What? Will this game be release in the west?

  3. its very doubtful.. there has been no word of a western release. which sucks because i want this game lol

  4. what is the source file and output file supposed to be?

  5. Alphabet about 90% of the useful characters, about 60% total
    Offsets Where text to translate is in the game
    Monsters 97% (472/486) (need to trim 148 characters)
    Menu 51% (152/299)
    Skills 83% (212/254)
    Traits 77% (191/247)
    Traits help text 25% (62/246)
    Items 44% (88/202)
    Resistances 74% (164/208)
    Skills sets 78% (200/254)
    Combat 15% (19/130)
    Shops / Breeding 46% (76/167)
    Map 30% (5/17)
    Item info 12% (24/202)
    Texts 0%

  6. i'm confused , what is the source file and output file ?

  7. there will definitely be a late august release of dragonquest monsters 2 joker in the united states.however it will be the 128mb version,not the 256mb professional how does this patch work for professional in english?

  8. it only lets me download like 18mb of something wrong with the rom file?

  9. thanks so much for alternate link will it work with the patch?

  10. it works for me~

  11. dicas bisa kamu kasih link lain kah buat patch translatenya.aku gak bisa donlot patchnya dari archive mu

  12. The download cut at 20% could you reupload the rom?

  13. go for alternative links

  14. can anyone tell me how to make moonshell for that retrogamesfan? I want to play my mp3 in my NDS

  15. No need. I solved it already. Teehee XP

  16. what do i put for the soruce file and output file?