August 5, 2011

5811 - All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation (J)

Rom Code : 5811
Title : オール仮面ライダー ライダージェネレーション
Game Region : 【Japan】
Released Group : BAHAMUT
Rom Size : 512Mbit
Archive Name : b-kamenrg.rar
Notes : 【FAQs & Walkthrough】
Here is the AP (Anti Piracy) Fix:
1. Download 【Dicastia_AP-Patch】
2. Extract them to a new folder
3. Drag the ROM onto the Dicastia-Patch.exe
4. Click Yes then click OK to finish
If you still don't understand these steps, you can view the tutorial with images:
How to use Dicastia AP Patcher


  1. gan~ kok ga bisa dimainin yak~

    katanya image nya crash gitu~

  2. kok ane eror gan pas drag ke Dicastia_AP-Patch ntu yang di drag yang mana kan ada beerapa file rar salah 1 or semua

  3. harus diextract sekali lagi gan: sampe muncul file .nds
    Lalu tinggl di drag aja..
    Ambil yg .nds
    Bukan yg .bak.


    Btw, this one is the password to unlock kamen rider fourze :

  4. Thanks ya... !!! game ini mantap sekali

  5. X2F8-4V75-563H-7833 - Unlocks Fourze
    5724-DU87-52W4-VL64 - Unlocks Hidden Stage on World 1-5 'Idai na kanbu'
    25ZP-4X2X-5RF5-AK6U - Unlocks Hidden Stage on World 1-6 'Rival no kettaku'
    37KL-T5EK-F654-S8S5 - Unlocks Hidden Stage on World 2-5 'Adanasu mono'
    W5AM-92RD-BJ38-CUUB - Unlocks Hidden Stage on World 2-6 'Kyoui no kagaku'
    5PCF-7GAU-V3HT-C5FR - Unlocks Hidden Stage on World 3-5 'Seiei butai'
    42HP-F2J6-XY8Y-Q7AD - Unlocks Hidden Stage on World 3-6 'Speed love'
    3B97-9H3X-CTBK-4856 - Unlocks Hidden Stage on World 4-5 'Isha to oni'
    69TR-XX79-M4HV-4BG7 - Unlocks Hidden Stage on World 4-6 'Datou BLACK RX'
    765P-XR45-Z482-QCCQ - Unlocks Hidden Stage on World 5-5 'Kaijin no iji'
    97CD-2X2G-8YT2-6LDK - Unlocks Hidden Stage on World 5-6 'Zettai zetsumei'

  6. Bang dicastia, gimana caranya main di emulator tapi gak patah2 suaranya?


    kalo pake DESMUME lamban~
    mungkin processor mu dibawah Core 2 Duo.

    kalo begitu pakee
    No$GBA aja


    tapi musti di PATCH DULu yah gamenya..

  8. cara setting dari sound settings gimana?

  9. cara ngepatch untuk No$GBA gimana yah??
    main di desmume lambat abiz TwT

  10. ga perlu di patch no$GBA nya..

    tapi di patch ROM nya..

    setelah dipatch.. baru jalankan pake no$GBA.

  11. Kalau main pake no$gba dia bilang imaged file crash

    kalau pake desmume, lambatnya bukan main

    gimana solusinya?

  12. Stage 1
    Stage 1-1: Clear using OOO
    Stage 1-2: Clear using Den-O
    Stage 1-3: Destroy 10 pillars
    Beat all Stage 1 Missions to unlock Stage 1-4
    Stage 1-4: Don't use a life charge (Unlocks KAMEN RIDER SHIN)
    Stage 1-Boss: Use Stronger's ultimate attack to defeat the boss

    Stage 2
    Stage 2-1: Kill more than 15 enemies with your finisher.
    Stage 2-2: Don't let your hp drop below half
    Stage 2-3: Clear the stage with Rider 1 and 2
    Stage 2-4: Clear the stage with V3 and Use only one life charge
    Stage 2-5: Clear the stage with V3 and Use only one life charge (Unlocks KAMEN RIDER AGITO)
    Stage 2-Boss: Kill the Boss with ZO finisher

    Stage 3
    Stage 3-1: Finish the stage with V3
    Stage 3-2: Finish the stage with Faiz
    Stage 3-3: Defeat 8 enemies using Decade's finisher (Does not have to be all at once)
    Stage 3-4: Use only one life charge
    Stage 3-5: Use only one life charge (Unlocks KAMEN RIDER J)
    Stage 3-Boss: Kill the boss with X finisher move.

    Stage 4
    Stage 4-1: Don't let your HP drop below 50%
    Stage 4-2: Defeat 10 enemies with W's finisher
    Stage 4-3: Clear the stage using Kuuga and/or Agito
    Stage 4-4: Use only one life charge
    Stage 4-Boss: Kill the boss with Black or Black RX's finisher.

    Stage 5
    Stage 5-1: Clear the stage using OOO
    Stage 5-2: Clear without using a Life Charge
    Stage 5-3: Clear with Blade
    Stage 5-4: Clear without using a Life Charge
    Stage 5-Boss: Kill the boss with OOO's ultimate finisher

  13. hello guys . can you please tell me how to do this ?
    1)i've downloaded the rar file and discastia patch
    2)then i've extracted the rar file . after that , what should i do ?
    there's 5 rar file

  14. what if the AP popup says that it fail to initialize ?

  15. it means you got a bad crc .nds file

    Download the file again

    but.. if it said


    5EACFB28 text cannot be found.


    it means.. you've got the PATCHED ROM.. dont need to patch it again
    cause. the CRC Code for PATCHED ROM = 5EACFB28

  16. yang crash pake no$gba pake yg versi ini coba No$gba-nya

    2.8 :

    all credit to uploader

  17. gan ane mau tanya nih
    ane buka game ini pake DESMUME ane drag file gamenya b-kamenrg.nds ini ke emulatornya

    status gamenya "running" tapi kok di screennya gelap gitu doang ya gan?
    mohon solusinya

  18. TEXT 986B74FO

    error gan,

    gmn y?

    padahal udah bener

    abis extract trus lgs di patch

  19. 986B74F0 yah ~

    berarti agan lum patch pake patcher terbaru~

    coba redownload 【Dicastia_AP-Patch】

    remember~ setiap ada game baru~.. harus di redownload Patchernya..

    karena gamelistnya perlu di updet~ ^^

  20. @dicastia : bisa kirimin filenya gk??
    truss knp downloadnya lama

  21. lokasi dicastia di mn sih?? buka toko game apa cuma punya situs download ni aja

  22. mau tanya dong Biar FPS di gamenya naik di set dimana y ??

    saya pake NO$GBA

    soalnya kadang turun pas war ni

  23. main pke flashcart GEI + fw 3.5 masih white screen, mohon pencerahan gan...

  24. di patch dulu gan sebelum di masukin ROM nya ke DS^^

  25. hey um I keep doing the patcher for the rom and it doesn't change anything what the hell can some one help me and in case you ask yes I did follow the instructions for the Dicastia patcher

  26. is there any english patch for this game