January 19, 2012

5956 - Wappy Dog (E)

ROM Code : 5956
Title : Wappy Dog
Game Region : 【Europe】
Released Group : EXiMiUS
Rom Size : 128Mbit
Archive Name : xms-wpde.rar

1 comment:

  1. Ok so i'm using the r4i ll with the retro gamefan firmware, except every update after v6.65 the thing freezes while its loading the game like it would show the bar at the bottom to show that it was loading and when it was almost finished the thing would always freeze no matter what game it was, i know that i put it the update correctly since i've been using it ever since v6.55, and i even tried reformatting my sd card with the program that comes with the updates but it still doesnt work.
    can anyone help me?