February 17, 2012

5976 - Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle (E)

ROM Code : 5976
Title : Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle
Game Region : 【Europe】
Released Group : EXiMiUS
Rom Size : 512Mbit
Archive Name : bs-sbbb.rar


  1. gimana cara downloadnya bos udah anek klik terus di dalam banyak pilihan ane klik mediafire malah disuruh upload yg satu tombol lagi malah search

  2. Thanks for the upload. I started playing it but was wondering whether it's an anti piracy thing that I can't find an essential item right at the beginning? looked everywhere but it's nowhere to be found (looking for a second item to repair the pump; not the lever thing)

    anybody else having that problem? (using r4)

  3. Use the Magnet at the mud hole in front of the Pump. There you'll find the Item you looking for!

    My Problem is:
    I don't know how to save in the Game.

  4. lol thank you. who would have thought that the thing would be hiding there...

    well for the saving part: can't you save when you go to the menu with the hammer thingy and then click on the bag there?o.O

  5. I am also using R4 (with newest firmware) and a class 10 sd card, but my problem is that the intro always stucks after 10 seconds. The movie is getting slower when suddenly it stops completely. Anyone else with that prob?

  6. same problem with the intro... R4 (www.r4i-sdhc.com)

  7. I found the save option in menu. I overlook it all the time. XD

    Thank you!

    Do you R4 User can change Bypass Anti Piracy Option to off or something? With my Supercard it works, after i turn Bypass AP to off.

    btw, I'm sorry for my bad english.

  8. I have another problem..I can't move the mule from the path to the city...I light the fire on the stone but I don't know what I have to do next... T.T

  9. @Dean:
    Unfortunately the R4 (r4i-sdhc) does not have this Bypass option. :(
    Seems we have to wait for subsequent firmware to fix it.

  10. regarding the mule:
    after you light the fire on the stone you have to add the cloth to the shephard's staff. then light that with the fire ;)

    if anyone finds out what do hide on the top of the hill to distract arno, let me know :P

    and to those using r4. I used to use r4 too, but updated it to wood. you might wanna try that, cause it works.

  11. Thank you so much!
    Now I'm trying to stole de sword from the bad guy :P

  12. fine working link


  13. once you managed how to obtain the sword, let me know plz ;) I placed the distraction on the hill, but still can't take the sword so I'm really running out of ideas...

  14. I put the distraction too..I thought to exchange the "ugly" sword with the Arno's ones..but wasn't the solution...I don't have neither something to knock out the guy...

    And what about the hall's windows? I opened it with the gun but Morgane isn't strong enough to break inside...

  15. found the solution: You have to use the bread on the greasy pan and then that bread on the sword you wanna get. the rest of getting it should be easy ;)

    once you have razzo on your team you'll be able to open the window too =)

  16. Yes,I took the sword yesterday night and I managed how to open the window...now I figure out how to find a earrings for the third crew's component...

  17. I think you can't get the earring at this point of the game as the pub owner said that it's not available on the island...

    I moved on to Crab Island and on the graveyard I'm stuck, because I can't open the thing from the statue even though I build pliers with the fence pieces...Morgane moves but then doesn't use the item, no matter what I do. A Bug or am I missing something...?

  18. You have to put the lantern (bottle + fireflies) on the statues,then watch on the spyglass when light is on,then open the tube with the pliers :)

    PS: you have to put the purple flower near the grave to the bottle to attract the fireflies :)

  19. Gets stuck on intro on supercard dsonei , any one got a patch or fix , played previous two games and really want to play this , help . B

  20. Turn "ByPass AP" to off and it should work on Supercard dsonei.

  21. Walkthrough

  22. Help! game freezes in the intro!!! (M3 zero, ysmenu d.d. 27-2-2012)